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My Fellow Bloggers and Gun Nuts:

In a few days we will have the opportunity to fight down our gag reflexes and cast our ballots for a slightly different set of untalented hicks and hacks than we voted for last time, under the laughable pretext that they will do what is right for the republic and, in the process, solve some of our problems.

Hell will freeze before this happens, but we must not be dismayed. Congress has always been the halfwit child of American government. Mark Twain said: “Suppose you were an idiot; suppose you were a Congressman. But I repeat myself.” Congress is the only place, outside of a fraternity house, where acting like an ass is not only the norm, but praiseworthy.

Even so, it matters who gets elected. The prime example for gun owners is New York State’s Governor Andrew Cuomo. Mister Cuomo is not gifted with an unusual wisdom or honesty, but he abounds with what Ed Zern called low animal cunning, and after the Sandy Hook shootings, he rammed an unworkable, unenforceable, and highly restrictive gun law through the state legislature literally overnight. Called the SAFE Act, this work of genius requires among other things that owners of “assault weapons” register them with the state police.

However, the state police refuse to say just how many ARs have been reported to them. This indicates that most gun owners have chosen to give Governor Cuomo the finger, so to speak, and risk the consequences. But there have not, to date, been any consequences, because many law officers refuse to enforce the thing, and Cuomo, probably having national political ambitions, is not about to start confiscating people’s guns and putting them in prison for non-compliance. Not yet at least.

But there is the SAFE Act, on the books, waiting for someone to employ it and put the screws to Empire State shooters in a real and meaningful way. And there it will stay.

The only way to prevent this where you live is to check the NRA ratings on the candidates, which can be found here_._

Cuomo earns an F. Elect people with a C or lower and you’re asking for it.

I know that many of you would rather that I stayed away from politics, and I can’t blame you; it is a detestable enterprise, populated by detestable people. But be reminded: Apolitical gun owners will wake up one day to find that while they are still apolitical, they are gun owners no more.