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Once in a year it is not far amiss to say thank you to all the people who help me in the gun writing biz. I discovered a long time ago that I didn’t know it all, and never would know it all, and that if I had half a brain in my head I would ask lots of questions. So, in no particular order:

Howell’s Gun and Archery in Gray, Maine. Lots of handguns, and a strange mixture of old junkers that came out of the Maine woods, plus some very sophisticated firearms that also came out of the Maine woods. Nicer folks I do not know.

Larry’s Guns in Gray, Maine. If you’re a handgunner, here’s your huckleberry. Their specialty is gunsmithing on high-grade and competition pistols.

Cabela’s in Scarborough, Maine. First, it’s Cabela’s. Second, it’s on the same mall as Famous Dave’s Barbecue and Haven’s, which is Maine’s foremost chocolatier. Third, I’m frequently mistaken for a salesperson, and never hesitate to give advice, whether qualified or not. Eventually they’ll catch me and have me permanently banned from the premises.

Kittery Trading Post, Kittery, Maine. Temptation may have been invented in the Garden of Eden, but it was perfected in Kittery. Their tactic is simple: They offer so much for your used gun that you can’t not trade it. Be advised that the Trading Post is in close proximity to a whole road full of outlet stores, and that if you go there on a holiday, it can get very crowded.

Gus Norcross of Angus Arms. Gus prefers to keep his address private, but you can reach him on the Internet. Gus specializes in service and competition rifles, but he works on civilian arms as well. Gus is the guy I call when I get in over my head.

The Sig-Sauer Pro Shop in Andover, New Hampshire. This is where you go if you have any money left when Kittery gets through with you. For the tactical shooter, it’s Candyland.

John Blauvelt, gunsmith, of Milford, PA. Like me, John fled New York State, and looks forward to seeing Governor Andrew Cuomo someday doing the perp walk. There’s no reason why Prince Andrew shouldn’t, since most of the New York State Legislature already has, or will shortly.

John is an unfailing source of technical information, common sense, and good humor, and can still look at a gun, any gun, and point out five things that I failed to see and should have. He specializes in handguns and competition rifles. You have not known true sensual gratification until you dry-fire a Smith & Wesson revolver John has worked on.

And there are a number of suppliers who keep me going.

Brownell’s. Nothing less than American institution. Their techs are as valuable as their immense inventory of parts, tools, and everything else. The techs are there to help you, not to sell you something, and they never forget this. If they don’t have an answer, they know who will.

MidwayUSA: I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten a wrong shipment from Midway, and believe me, I have placed a bunch of orders with Midway.

Creedmoor Sports of Anniston, Alabama. Everything, and I do mean everything, for competition rifle shooting. Also, lots of good advice to go with it.

Ammunition Depot (ammunitiondepot.com) They don’t list their address. That’s fine. Ammunition Depot specializes in tactical and military ammo that’s made in the United States and will not blow your action or rot your barrel. This is where I go for Federal Lake City 7.62 XM118 sniper ammo, so I can shoot and shoot and don’t have to reload. Ammunition Depot carries a wide variety of calibers and loadings at very good prices, and is absolutely reliable.

Thank you all.