Seeing that I have a record of showing up to fish in any given location just as the worst cold front in the area’s history arrives, I must say, I feel for all the guys fishing the Bassmaster Classic in South Carolina right now. If you live anywhere from, oh, Georgia to Maine, you are fully aware that it’s like Siberia lately. Word on the street is that you can’t find a hand warmer in stock anywhere within 100 miles of Lake Hartwell where the Classic’s being held. Check out the photo of LeAnn Swindle, Gerald Swindle’s wife, with a stash for herself and her hubby. Every angler also has a propane heater on the boat. While I sympathize, these conditions also make you have a lot of respect for what the pros do.


You know that feeling you get when you had a nice outing planned, and then the night before, thanks to Mother Nature, you know that what was supposed to be easy is now going to be a real grind? I feel like that’s too many of my fishing trips, but you always have the option of bailing out. These guys don’t. Money is on the line, and at the end of the day, despite the brutal conditions, they’ll still get it done and someone will still win. Hat’s off. You can check out more shots of the pros prepping to fish the Arctic in this gallery from Bassmasters, shot in the service yard at Hartwell.