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Over the years I’ve tried a ton of different boat bags. Some have been monsters used to stash all my gear for runs on my saltwater boat, while smaller models have served as carry-alls on everything from rafts to drift boats to flats skiffs. Many lasted several season; many did not last more than a couple months. But regardless of quality they all shared something in common: They used zippers or snap buckles to open and close the main compartments.

There is nothing wrong with this if you’ve got two hands free and the zippers aren’t corroded. However, they’re not as efficient when you’ve got one hand on the steering wheel, or two hands on the oars and just need to quickly grab a spool of tippet, zippers and buckles stink. Simms’ new Dry Creek Boat Bags not only have nice, rigid tops and bases that won’t get crushed, but a single magnetic catch and release buckle keeps the lid tight. You can reach in, grab what you need, and just let the top fall. The magnetic clasp will flop over and lock itself down. You never have to worry about water splashing in or packs of soft plastics blowing out. The Dry Creek comes in a large and medium size that cost $200 and $230 respectively. These bags are also fully waterproof and can be configured however you’d like thanks to removeable dividers. Check out the video below to see the buckles in action.