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My Cabela’s Commercial-Grade Grinder is more than five years old now and has gone through that many elk, probably a dozen deer, several antelope, and countless pounds of pork. I’m happy to say it still performs like new and even had zero trouble grinding a set of antelope shanks—sinew in place—just last week. Still, all that work got me thinking it might be time for a new set of plates and blades. Then the Scot in me decided we’d just figure out how to sharpen the old ones and save a few dollars.

Turns out, sharpening grinder blades is easier than you think. It does take a little time and a few sheets of sandpaper, but in one evening the grinder, no matter how dull, will be good as new again. This is about the best video I’ve seen on the process, as it’s short and straightforward. You can check out part one, but that’s just the guy coloring the blade and plate with a black marker so he can track how even the surface of each is. This second video gets to the meat of the matter.