Whitetail Hunting photo

It’s b-a-a-a-ck!

Actually, it’s not back, because the brand-spanking-new Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Tools & Skills Manual is just that—brand spanking new. Cut from the same cloth as the wildly successful Total Outdoorsman Manual, this 2-pound monster is fresh off the press. It’s packed with 324 tips on how to use stuff better—how to make, repair, improvise, hack, and improve every piece of gear you can imagine. About half of the material is right out of the pages of trusty ol’ Field & Stream magazine, and the rest is all new, all good stuff.

Guns, bows, fly rods, spinning reels, hatchets, knives, duct tape, parachute cord, tents, you name it.

How to sharpen everything. Use a flashlight to practice a shotgun swing. Make a fish stringer from a vine. Make a backcountry poop tube.

Yes, that’s a tube into which you poop.

The Total Outdoorsman Tools & Skills Manual is just now out of the transfer trucks and on to bookshelves (and wherever Amazon stores its stuff) just in time to give you another few ideas on how to keep a rifle shooting straighter and a fire burning hotter. And it’s just in time for Christmas.

It’s a great read—or so we think—with beginner tips and expert tips and tons of ways to amp up the gear you already own. There’s an awesome cover that will stand out on a cabin coffee table and is approved for use in any hunt camp outhouse in North America.

Plus, writing this 60,000-word monstrosity nearly wrecked my deer season last year—a March deadline, are you serious? So, if it helps you catch or shoot more, that’ll make me feel a lot better.