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_Ending the 140-year-old ban on Sunday hunting with guns in North Carolina has one week to stay alive at the Legislature. . . . [If it doesn’t] pass one chamber by Thursday [it is] unlikely to be heard again until 2011. . . .

Bill supporters argue it’s an archaic law that prevents hardworking citizens from being able to hunt on what may be their only day off. But a 2006 consultant’s report found that two-thirds of the state population opposed lifting the ban.

Leaving religion out of it, hikers and bikers and birdwatchers generally oppose lifting such bans, claiming that Sunday is the one day they have the outdoors to themselves. I get that. I can’t support it. But I get it. What I don’t get is that some hunters oppose lifting such ban. With all due respect to those hunters, if you don’t want to hunt on Sunday, don’t hunt.

Am I missing something here?