Deer hunting, Ask Experts, Guide Survey, Dave Hurteau

What you really need to up your deer-hunting game are the country’s top whitetail guides at your disposal, to answer your questions. Where should I sit? Should I rattle? How about a decoy? Does this carbon suit really help? Where the hell did all the bucks go?

Okay, F&S can’t quite provide you with your own personal panel of deer gurus. But we’ve got the next best thing: More than 100 whitetail outfitters and guides ready and willing to answer whatever questions we throw at them in a survey to nail down the tactics and gear that really work, and to learn their secrets to tagging giant bucks. These are the guys who make it their living putting folks on big deer day in and day out all fall. They’re in on more successful hunts; they see more whitetail behavior; and they witness more hunter screw-ups in a season than many of us do in 10. We figure they’ve probably learned a thing or two along the way.

Deer hunting, Ask Experts, Guide Survey, Dave Hurteau

Cabela’s Fanny Pack

We’ve got a bunch of questions of our own, but we want to hear from you. Type your questions in the comment section below. If we use your query in the magazine’s upcoming Whitetail Guide Survey, you’ll win your choice of a Cabela’s Outfitter Series Whitetail Day Hunting Pack or Fanny Pack. The survey will focus primarily on early-season deer and bowhunting, but if you’ve got a smart, hard-hitting general deer or deer-hunting question, that can work, too.

So have it.