Compound Bows photo

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PSE has long produced some of the most innovative, high-performance bows, none of which have been honored well in the F&S bow test. Mid-range scores in one category or another have shaved just enough points off their entry to keep it from besting some very tough competition. That might change with the Decree HD, a bow that proves PSE can still produce a speed bow with a pleasant personality. Features: 35″ axle-axle, 6″ brace height, 4.2 pounds, 342 fps IBO.

Hits: The long riser makes a 6″ brace height and plenty of speed easy to handle. As is typical with PSE, the Decree is pretty dead in the hand at quiet.

Misses: Fit and finish on the bow I shot was pretty blah; a minor beef.

What you need to know: Speed freaks accustomed to PSE’s usual gas-burners can get the Decree in a shorter axle-axle version, which bumps the speed up around 350 IBO and drops the physical weight of the bow down to 3.8 lbs.