Walleye Fishing photo

Not to take away from Draper’s delicious-looking caribou loin, but I never thought he had a prayer against Kirk Deeter’s even-better-looking shore lunch. (Why do you think I let Draper take that fight?) Of course, I don’t like my chances much better this week–with Deeter now in the champion’s corner.

Here goes nothing…

Lake Trout Cooked Over Birch Fire



Sausage Over Rice and Beans**


Deeter has served up another shore lunch. This one is called “Fire Fish,” which is lake trout cooked over a birch fire. Baked beans, onions, and fried potatoes were the sides.

My dish isn’t exactly “wild,” but it’s a camp staple nonetheless. I enjoyed this monstrous plate of rice and beans with sausage last weekend at the Total Outdoorsman Challenge finals in southern Missouri. It was prepared by my colleague and friend John Davis, who writes our TOC blog. Brother, can he cook. I look forward to this meal every year–it never disappoints.

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