Bass Fishing photo
wooden bass mount
Win our cover model! Cover photo by The Voorhes

This is no ordinary largemouth trophy. For one, it’s the cover star of the May 2017 issue of Field & Stream. Also, unlike most replica mouths that are made of fiberglass, this one is hand carved (from basswood, naturally) by artist Rich Metzger. And though the fish does currently look very nice hanging on a wall at F&S HQ, we think it would look better on one of yours—which is why we’re giving away the trophy.

The rules are simple: Send us your best bass-fishing video—be it of a topwater blowup or a Bill Dance-inspired blooper or a kid’s first haul. So long as it’s a bass-fishing video that you filmed, it qualifies.

You can send your videos to (uploading the file through a site like is helpful if the file is too big to send as an email attachment). You can also tag us in the bass videos you post on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #FS10, or you can send videos in a message to our Facebook account.

The deadline for entry is May 19, 2017. We’ll post our favorite video entries* on, then leave it up to you all to vote for your favorite.

Good luck!

  • We retain the right to broadcast all videos submitted for consideration, and as well as to publish the names of contestants, in whatever means we see fit, in perpetuity. By submitting a video, contestants agree to the stated conditions. Basically, don’t send us a video if you don’t want us to share it.