Trout Fishing photo
strange fishing tactics
An easier way to troll… Max Temescu

▶ I tied a leader and Woolly Bugger to a remote-control boat and trolled it around. I caught a dozen fish, and the boat had just enough juice to bring them over to my float tube. —Trevor Hutton

▶ I was fishing at night when a bat got tangled in my line. It thrashed in the water, but before I could untangle it, a bass smashed it. I caught a bass and a bat all at once.—Scot Rathbun

▶ My granddad took me fishing as an infant and tied a line to my big toe. Every time a fish would bite, I’d cry out and he’d pull it in. —Eric Vanlandingham

▶ My dad and I were fishing when he suddenly got a big hit. When he reeled in the nice-size catfish, however, we saw that he hadn’t actually hooked the fish. Turns out, his tackle had snagged a 1-foot leader, hanging from the fish’s mouth, that another angler had lost. —Jake Harmon