still-hunting secrets
Stick and Move: Everything you need for ultimate stealth. Steve Sanford

Teddy Roosevelt’s advice to “Walk softly and carry a big stick” naturally works in the deer woods, too. You just need to add a few other things to sneak within bow range of deer.

[1] Cedar Branch: Cut a 2- to 3-foot limb from a cedar tree and hold it in front of your chest and face as you slip through the woods.

[2] Felt Boots: Muffle your steps with a pair of felt-bottomed wading boots. Dampen the soles to make them even quieter.

[3] Leafy Top: Wear a gillie-suit top or a leafy jacket to help break up your silhouette.

[4] Quiet Pants: Fleece or soft cotton pants won’t snag noisily on underbrush.

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[5] Camo Tape: Wrap strips around your pant legs so they don’t swish with each step.

[6] Kneepads: Volleyball kneepads dyed green or brown will help you stay motionless while kneeling as you wait for the perfect shot.

[7] Wind Indicator: Tie a down feather or a few lengths of sewing thread to the inside limb of your bow to keep constant track of the wind.

[8] Face Paint: It conceals your shiny skin without getting in the way of your string or anchor point, the way a brimmed hat or facemask can.