Jakim Azzopardi recently reeled in a fish bigger than many anglers’ personal bests — and he’s just 11. Azzopardi made the impressive catch in the waters near Cape Otway, Australia on July 3, according to 9News. Azzopardi was fishing with his father Matthew and their friend, Phillip Pirotta.

The trio hit the water around 8:30 a.m. and quickly got into fish, according to a Facebook post by Pirotta. Within five minutes of fishing, Matthew Azzopardi hooked into a tuna, but after fighting it for 30 minutes, it threw the hook.

“[We] put the lures back out and after 40 minutes we were tight once again,” wrote Pirotta. “This time, it was young Jakim Azzopardi’s turn on the rod and all I can say is ‘What a machine!’ Jakim fought the fish completely on his own from start to finish for one hour. Before putting his fish on the deck, he had never been in a harness before, and [it] was impressive to watch.” See parts of the epic battle for yourself below.

The bluefin tuna that Azzopardi ultimately landed was an impressive specimen, weighing in at 116.5 kilograms or 257 pounds — easily several times Azzopardi’s weight. “When it came in, it was…bigger than me. It was so tall,” Jakim told 9News.”I am still sore in my arms, and I have told my good friend, and he was amazed.”

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Matthew Azzopardi added that his son’s catch was the biggest fish he’s ever brought aboard his boat. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see what young Azzopardi reels in next.