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At last, it’s all come down to this—the Final Round of our Bass Lure Bracket. We started with 32 of the best bass baits, and now we’re down to two contenders: The Spinnerbait vs. The Worm. While these two lures don’t have many similarities—in looks or in how they’re fished—they’re both classics and both have caught more than their fair share of bass over the years.

One other thing they have in common—in the last two weeks, at least—is that they both cruised to the Championship. Which lure comes out on top is anyone’s guess.

The championship, of course, is the final round of voting and will last two days. The winning lure will be announced on Friday, March 29. One thing to note—and this is important: After you’ve made your selection in the head-to-head matchup below, you must hit the SUBMIT button at the the bottom if you want your votes to count.