1871 Club Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the 1871 Club? 

The 1871 Club is our new membership program that celebrates Field & Stream’s heritage and showcases our best stories. It’s also where we offer readers with the privilege of receiving our new 160 page coffee-table quality journal two times a year.

The 1871 Club goes beyond a traditional membership: It’s a journey into exclusive content, a return to print, member rewards, limited members-only products, enhanced access to outdoor experiences and benefits, and a commitment to give back to the outdoor community. As a member, you’ll also receive exclusive deals, offers, and discounts on gear and experiences from us and our partners. 

To explore our three plan offerings and the different benefits, please visit 1871 Club Membership. 

How many journal issues are included in my Membership?  

Premium and Print Members of the 1871 Club will receive two issues per year—in the spring and fall. Digital plan members can purchase individual issues of the journal at a $20 member-price + shipping a few months before the journal is available.

Each F&S issue is a collector’s item, spanning 160 pages and presented in a large 10×12-inch format with stunning photography and the adventure stories that have made Field & Stream a household favorite for over a century. 

When will I receive the first issue of my journal? 

That depends on when you sign up. To receive the first issue, you’ll need to be a member by August 1. To receive the second issue, you’ll need to be a member by September 1. More details will be available in your 1871 Club Membership welcome letter and through email.

How long is my membership for? 

Your membership is good for a full calendar year from the date that you sign up. Your membership will auto renew at the end of those 12 months unless you choose to cancel.

When will I receive all of my membership benefits? 

Members-only gear will ship out by June 1, 2024, or up to 4-6 weeks after your membership is purchased. Other Member benefits, such as contests, partner discounts, and first dibs on tickets, will be emailed to you as they become available. Make sure to keep an eye on your spam folder so you don’t miss a thing and add memberships@fieldandstream.com to your address book.

How do I access the presale tickets to the Field & Stream Music Festival? 

Presale tickets will be announced through your 1871 Club email. Music Fest experiences will be offered to our Premium members first, and are on a first-come, first-served basis. We’ll be sure to send you reminders through email and on social. In the meantime, be sure to check your inbox for more updates and members-only experiences from us!  

Can Canadian residents join the 1871 Club?

We’re excited to announce that Canadian residents officially are able to become 1871 Club members here. There will be an additional shipping cost of $20 to $26 dollars added to individual journal purchases or membership Premium and Print plans. Please Note: Unfortunately, memberships for other international countries are not available at this time.

I can’t log in to my account. How do I get back in? 

Typically, if you’re having trouble logging into your account it’s for one of two reasons:  

  1. You’ve signed up for a membership but haven’t yet created an account on the site.  
  2. You forgot your password. 

If you forgot your password or haven’t set up an account yet, you can follow the prompts here. Use the email associated with your account or payment method. All your subscription, billing, and shipping information will be available in your new account and can be accessed at the top right corner of your screen.  

Still need help? Contact: customer service portal.

What is F&S+? 

Field & Stream+ is online premium content access that’s now available to members and non-members. It’s the place where you’ll find adventure stories, advice from our hunting and fishing experts, and more of the best-in-class storytelling you can only get from Field & Stream.

I was an existing Field & Stream+ subscriber. How do I get access to my account now that there is an 1871 Club Membership? 

Existing Members who haven’t yet set up an 1871 Club account should follow the prompts for resetting a password using the email address associated with their old F&S+ account. If you have difficulty, contact customer service

Subscribers who were F&S+ Members before the new 1871 Club launched on 1/25/2023, are now a part of our digital membership plan. You won’t need to do anything with your membership and will be able to access your F&S+ online content as usual. You’ll also now have the option to purchase individual issues of the Field & Stream print magazine at a $20 member-price! If you’d like to have a bi-annual automatic delivery of the magazine, and enjoy premium 1871 Club membership benefits, you’ll need to upgrade your plan and purchase a Premium or Print plan.  

How can I read Field & Stream in print? 

Join the 1871 Club to get the Field & Stream print journal at a discounted $20 member price, or look for single issues of the journal at select retail stores for $25. Members of the 1871 Club will also receive a digital version of the journal 2x a year.

Please note, only the Premium Members ($95/year) and Print Members ($45/year) plans within the 1871 Club program will receive a print journal twice a year. Digital plan members ($15 /year) have the option to purchase individual journals at the $20 member-price.

How do I access the digital archives? 

We’re currently working to get you access to our digital archives. Starting on May 15, 2024, former F&S+ and 1871 Members will no longer be able to access the Zinio or the Field & Stream Google app.

1871 Club members will receive a digital version of the Field & Stream journal 2X per year. The digital journals will be emailed to members.

How can I cancel my membership? 

All membership payments are billed annually, but you can cancel at any time by logging into your 1871 Club account. Access my account (user icon), go to membership plan, and click cancel. Changes are effective at the end of the annual billing cycle. 

How can I get a refund? 

Refunds are available only within the first 7 days of your membership start date. Please request a refund through our customer service portal

I purchased Field & Stream merchandise from the shop and have questions surrounding my order. 

Submit a request or question through our product request form.

How do I contact support? 

Submit a request or question through our customer service portal

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