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It doesn’t matter where or what you hunt—if you’re a hunter in America, you likely care about our country. After all, it’s given you the freedom to hunt and the beautiful wilderness in which to do it. One of the ways to show your patriotic pride is to buy American-made gear.

Finding quality hunting products manufactured and produced in the states is getting harder and harder, with so many companies going overseas. Fortunately, there are still several top brands supporting American jobs. With that in mind, these are the hunting brands and gear still made in the USA, including Forloh hunting apparel, Benchmade knives, and Stone Glacier packs. All of the following are not only worth your hard-earned money, they’re also some of the highest quality out there.


Forloh, a brand that stands out for its comfort and quality, particularly with their AllClima jacket and pants that won our best overall award for hunting rain gear last year. Their fine stitching and attention to detail are evident across their entire line of products. As a hunter with a collection of major brands, I can confidently say that Forloh’s products are the comfiest. Forloh is one of the few hunting and fishing apparel companies that heavily emphasize manufacturing in the USA.

Stone Glacier Packs

Hunters who want seriously rugged hunting packs made in the U.S.A. must look no further than Stone Glacier. The company has an incredible assortment of bags built of sourced American materials. Their line includes simple day packs and external frame offerings for multi-day backcountry adventures. The most extreme pack in their line is the absurdly huge Sky Guide 7900, which boasts a 7,400-cubic-inch main bag.

Gunner Kennels

Named for the owner’s beloved late hunting dog, Gunner Kennels are a ridiculously rugged way to transport pups to the field. These things utilize a tough, double-wall, rotomolded construction. The doors are powder-coated aluminum. Gunner works with nearly 20 other USA-based businesses to construct these Kennels, providing the ultimate protection for your favorite four-legged hunting partner.

Danner Elk Hunter Boots

Danner’s Elk Hunter boots are an excellent option for the backcountry, featuring Gore-Tex waterproofing and Thinsulate insulation on the insulated model. It’s also got a great outsole. These classic-looking leather boots are stitched and assembled entirely in Portland, Oregon. It only makes sense that a great elk hunting boot comes from a Western state.

Benchmade Knives

The more I use Benchmade’s knives, the more I love them. They build their knives in Oregon and are the perfect blend of beauty and function. After testing more than a dozen of their knives, I’ve yet to find one that didn’t have a hair-popping factory edge. My newest favorite is the gorgeous and ergonomic Hidden Canyon Hunter drop point. It will be my new go-to blade this deer season.

Darn Tough Socks

I started wearing Darn Tough socks last year, and my feet have never been warmer or more comfortable. The Merino wool midweight socks were perfect for Michigan’s late November and early December deer seasons. Aside from being finely made in Vermont, Darn Tough socks come with a ridiculous unconditional lifetime guarantee. If the socks ever develop holes, send them in, and Darn Tough will send new ones no questions asked. We wish every American company stood behind their product like that!

Reconyx Trail Cameras

It’s hard to find anything electronic made in the States today, especially trail cameras. The one major exception is Reconyx, which may be the sole brand making cellular trail cameras here. Their Hyperfire 2 static camera won best picture quality in our roundup last year. Reconyx also has a solid five-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Kershaw Knives

Many of Kershaw’s knives—which are some of our experts’ favorite folding knives time and time again—are still made at their Oregon manufacturing facility. One of the most popular American-made Kershaw knives is the Leek, which is a phenomenal EDC knife thanks to its slim compact design and 3-inch drop-point blade.

Primos Calls

The storied hunting call brand may now be part of outdoor giant Vista Outdoors, but their Mississippi-based factory keeps humming along. The company’s best-known products are their turkey calls. However, they quickly expanded to deer, elk, waterfowl, and predators. The company also runs a mill shop where customers can order custom engravings as the perfect gift for any hunter.

Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

Filson has a long-rooted history in the Pacific Northwest, having started out as a hardware store back in 1897 during the Alaskan Gold Rush. The brand’s most popular jacket—the Mackinaw Wool Cruiser—is still manufactured at its Seattle location. The iconic coat is made of high quality water-resistant wool that will keep you warm and dry in any conditions.

Henry Rifles

Henry’s slogan is “Made in America, or not made at all,” which says it all. They’re the rifle to consider for anyone wanting a lever-action like their Big Boy in .30-30 or .45-70 Govt. Although they fly under the radar for some dandy lever-action and single-shot youth shotguns, too.

Princeton Headlamps

Princeton Tec makes some of the best headlamps for hunting (or any outdoor activity, really). And they’re manufactured from start to finish at their facility in New Jersey. The water-resistant Remix LED headlamp boasts multiple modes of lighting, a snug and secure fit, and a long runtime of up to 50 hours on a single charge.

Tom Beckbe Tensaw Jacket

Founded in 2015, Tom Beckbe may be one of the last decade’s best new American hunting apparel brands. The brand’s best-seller is the stylish-looking Tensaw jacket. Available in six different color schemes, we love the retro, classic camo look. It makes the coat look like something you’d find in your grandfather’s basement. Tom Beckbe’s products are a throwback to when stuff was manufactured with pride by hand.