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Finding gifts for mom is no easy task. Whether she is into hiking, camping, hunting, or fishing—there is always another piece of gear that can improve her days spent in the outdoors. The most important part of finding that perfect gift is to make sure it is useful, durable, and tailored to her favorite pursuits. 

To help save you some time, the gear editors at Field & Stream compiled this list of some of our favorite gift suggestions and gear ideas to give to mom. We made our selections based on four categories; hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. We chose unique and fun gifts for each pursuit that any outdoor adventurer would love to have.

Best Fly Fishing Gift: Simms Women’s Freestone Waders

Best Fly Fishing Gift

I started using my pair of Simms Freestone Waders over six years ago and they still haven’t sprung a leak. They are breathable, comfortable, and built to last. I’ve worn them in almost every condition imaginable, from steelhead fishing in snow storms to bass fishing in blistering heat. The construction and design of these waders are made for all conditions—and with the correct layering system underneath, you will always be comfortable. 

This pair of Freestone waders have a women’s-specific cut and fit that provides comfort and mobility for all day fishing adventures. The reach-through chest pocket comes in handy during the winter months when the temperatures start to drop. The front zip pocket is perfect for keeping a fly box, tippet, nippers, and any other small accessory. I recommend these waders to every angler I know—man or woman—because they work. If somehow you do spring a leak, just send them back for a free repair in the first year and an affordable repair for the years after. If mom also needs a wading boot, check out the Simms Freestone Wading Boot for a perfect pairing. If you are looking for other fly fishing gift ideas, check out our new fly fishing accessories roundup. —Ryan Chelius

Best Cooler: Orca 20 Quart Cooler

Best Cooler

Everyone enjoys a cold beverage on a hot day. But you’ll need a cooler to keep them chilled when the sun is beating down with its summertime intensity. Orca’s 20-quart cooler is the perfect size to keep up to 18 cans or 15 bottles icy as mom runs the river or relaxes back in camp. The downsized footprint lets it stash easily in drift boats, on inflatables, or in the trunk. An innovative mesh pouch on the front is the perfect place to stash pliers or other fishing gear yet removes quickly when not needed. Mine keeps ice for days at a time, so I don’t have to re-stock on the way home to ensure the filets stay fresh. I, unfortunately, left a handful of clams in mine for an extended period of time, and they were no worse for the wear when I remembered a few days later. An oversized plug allows for rapid drainage, and the rotomolded construction cleans easily and won’t harbor any odors. Plus, it’s made in the USA. —Joseph Albanese

Best Pocket Knife: Leatherman Free T4

Best Pocket Knife

Get your mom set up with one of the 10 essentials for any camping trip: a pocket knife (or a multi-tool). The Leatherman Free T4 gives you the best of both worlds with the pocket knife design but similar features to their classic multi-tool. Equipped with a bottle opener, screwdriver, tweezers, an awl, and much more, this is a gift that she can use in and out of the field. 

The size is truly made to fit in your pocket (yes, even women’s pockets that tend to be small, if they even exist). It weighs around 4.3 ounces, so it won’t be too bulky either. Even if this pocket knife ends up in her backpack, purse, or junk drawer at home, she’ll keep it somewhere she can find it because it is a versatile and handy tool. —Meg Carney

Best Gift for Any Mom: Yeti Tumbler, Rambler, or Other Drinkware

Best Gift for Any Mom

Some years ago, my mom got a 30 ounce Yeti Tumbler in a gift set, and she has—no exaggeration—used it everyday since. At work, evenings on the back porch, days in the car, weekends camping, she’s rarely without it. We were “Yeti agnostic” prior to the tumbler, mostly because of price. But we came to the light after the tumbler spent a day in the car one Georgia summer and still had enough ice for another drink. They’re popular for a reason. 

Within their lineup, there’s something for every mom. If your mom is more of an adventurer, Yeti’s Rambler line holds their backpack-ready bottles and camp-sized jugs. If she loves a perfect temperature specialty drink at camp, get her a coffee mug, wine tumbler, or lowball glass. They come in plenty of colors (though I think plain stainless steel looks best), so you can get it in her favorite. Pro tip: If you’re reading this the day before, go to your nearest outfitters, and they’ll likely have some of these stocked. —Luke Guillory

Best Turkey Hunting Gift: SITKA Equinox Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Hunting Gift

Does your mom turkey hunt? If so, this is going to be one of the best gifts you can give her. SITKA revolutionized turkey hunting gear with their new Equinox system which includes this lightweight, comfortable, and ergonomic turkey vest. I’ve used many turkey vests over the years and the one thing they all had in common was a bulky design. Traditional turkey vests usually come with endless amounts of pockets, heavy materials, and cumbersome construction. But not this one.

SITKA changed the game with the Equinox Vest. This one size fits all turkey vest reengineered the way turkey hunters carry gear. The way I see it—less is more. This pack is designed for run and gun turkey hunting with a removable seat, water bladder storage, and pockets for your calls and strikers. It has a slender design so you don’t become fatigued, and durable construction to withstand the elements. The adjustable pack straps make sure it will fit everyone and the well-thought-out pockets and compartments make for a great organized system. —RC

Best Camp Chair: GCI KickBack Rocker

Best Camp Chair

My wife and I often battle for this unique chair when kicking back in front of the fire. Unlike traditional rockers that have rounded feet, GCI’s Kickback Rocker has a damper integrated into the rear supports to allow for effortless rocking on pretty much any terrain. The cupholder easily swallows a frosty brew or full-sized tumbler, and a cellphone pouch lets you play tunes without worrying your phone is going to end up in the fire. The low-profile seat is easy to get into, even if you had a rough day out on the trail. GCI calls the chair ‘mid-sized’, but it seems to fit the largest of folks just fine. It collapses for storage, and the built-in strap makes toting it to the campsite easy. This has quickly become our favorite seat; get one for your mom and I’m certain she’ll feel the same way. —JA

Best Outdoor Blanket: Rumpl Down Blanket

Best Outdoor Blanket

Get mom something cozy and functional for Mother’s Day and invest in a Rumpl Down Blanket. These blankets are durable, water-resistant, and compact, making them the perfect travel companion. If your mom loves sitting outside by the fire, car camping, RVing, or just lounging on the deck at home, the Rumpl Down Blanket is an excellent choice. 

You may be thinking that a simple throw would work, but the Rumpl blankets are built for outdoor use. They are designed using ripstop fabric to prevent snags and tears, as well as repelling water, dirt, odors, and stains. These are lightweight and packable enough to keep in your car for those spontaneous stops, last-minute picnics, music festivals, or drive-in movie nights. —MC

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven: Ooni Koda 12

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

If your mom has ever wistfully looked at the neighbor’s $2,000 brick oven pizza and sighed, “We don’t have to buy one, but maybe we could make something like that.” Do her one better: A pizza oven she can take anywhere. 

Ooni’s Koda 12 is no bigger than your camp stove and runs off the same gas, but this little thing will get you up to the 800-900°F you need to properly cook a pie. Everything you need—except gas—comes in the box: oven with fold out legs, pizza stone, regulator, and hose. At $400 it’s a steal compared to bigger options, and with the carry cover, packing it to the campsite is as easy as your camp stove. —LG

Best Backpack: Thule AllTrail X 15L Backpack

Best Backpack

I’ve always struggled to find a reliable day pack that isn’t too big but can still hold the gear I need for a fun day on the trail. The Thule AllTrail X 15 meets that criteria and more. This lightweight and compact backpack is perfect for short hikes and day adventures. It is built for day hikes, and with that in mind, the design results in a lightweight and breathable backpack that is still large enough to hold water, lunch, trekking poles, a first aid kit, and any other essentials you might need on the trail. 

This backpack is also great for days at the park, sports field, gym, or any activity that requires more storage than your pants pockets. No matter what she uses it for, mom will love the versatility that the AllTrail X 15 backpack provides. And with the waxed canvas construction, she’ll have it for a long time. —RC

Best Bug Repellant: Thermacell E55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller

Best Bug Repellant

Your mom likes being outdoors, but she doesn’t like biting insects. I can relate, which is why I have been using Thermacell’s line of insect repellers since they were introduced. These modern marvels use a heating element to release a scent-free repellent that actually keeps bugs away. I’ve used them camping alongside a bog and could see a wall of mosquitoes just at the edge of the Thermacell’s range. One of the newest models, the E55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller, uses Thermacell’s proven repellent formula to create an even bigger zone of protection. The USB-rechargeable heating element creates a 20-foot insect-free buffer for up to five and a half hours on a single charge. The included repellant cartridge is good for 12 hours, though you can get replacements that last up to 40. Get one for mom so she can better enjoy her time outside. —JA

Best Towel: Lava Linens Everything Towel

Best Towel

By far, my favorite piece of outdoor gear is a towel. Not just any towel, though, the Lava Linens Everything Towel. These flax linen towels are built to last with a luxurious feel and beautiful designs. The best part about any of their towels is that they improve with time. As you use and wash these towels, the fibers soften slightly, making them more absorbent than when you bought them. 

While a towel may not seem like an essential camping gift, it will quickly become one of the most versatile items your mom owns. This towel can do it all. Whether you’re out at the beach, having a picnic, catching a fish, backpacking, or just hiking with your dogs, their amazingly absorbent design works better than microfiber towels, and it’s better for the environment. —MC

Best Women’s Fishing Apparel: Free Fly Women’s Bamboo Lightweight Shore Hoody

Best Women’s Fishing Apparel

I have never put on a piece of fishing gear that I am as happy to wear around the house as I am on the boat—until now. The first thing I noticed when I tried on my new Free Fly lightweight hoody was how comfortable it is. Made from a combination of bamboo and polyester, the lightweight shore hoody is soft, breathable, and well constructed to protect you from harmful UV rays. 

It is designed to excel in hot and humid climates while offering maximum protection from the sun. It is perfect for the mom who likes to fish just as much as she likes her time on the beach. The soft materials make it perfect for everyday wear with a true-to-size fit. —RC

Best Sunglasses: Costa Untangled Victoria

Best Sunglasses

My pair of Costa Pescadors seems to go missing when my wife is around, so it might make sense for me to grab her a pair of her own this Mother’s Day. The Victoria is built with the same recycled plastic from fishing nets as the others in the Untangled series but is cut to better fit the shape of a woman’s face. Sight fishing or sightseeing, these sunglasses can do it all. The Victoria features Costa’s excellent 580 lenses, which are perfect for picking out fish on a flat or watching the sun drop behind the horizon. Of course, they deliver 100% UV protection and feature a water- and scratch-resistant coating. They come with an impressive lifetime warranty, so mom is covered if she manages to break them.—JA

Best Multipurpose Fishing Shirt: Columbia PFG Bahama Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Best Multipurpose Fishing Shirt

You already know about these shirts, I know. But once every couple of years, either mom or dad asks for a new one of these Columbia PFG Long Sleeves. Granted, they’re not as form-fitting or technologically advanced as other fishing shirts, even the more technical PFG shirts. The rolled up sleeves might feel a bit constricting, and the UPF 30 isn’t up to those shirts blocking 50-plus. 

BUT! They come in every color you could want, and they do the job, even if you’re on the boat all day. Plus the buttons, collar, and sturdier nylon fabric make them sufficiently “beach fancy,” so if mom didn’t catch dinner, she can at least sit down somewhere nice and buy it on the way home. —LG

Best Phone Case for Mom: UAG Monarch Kevlar Series

Best Phone Case for Mom

If you’re reading this gift guide then chances are your mom spends a lot of her time outdoors. If that’s the case, there’s also a good chance she’ll drop her phone and damage it. The UAG Monarch Kevlar phone case is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. It has a five-layer construction that provides up to 20 feet of rugged and durable drop protection. 

UAG offers the case for a wide variety of brands and models, as well as multiple designs and colors. As an outdoorsman who drops their phone way too often, I can confidently say this case will give your phone the protection you need. —RC

Best Paddleboard: iROCKER Blackfin Model X

Best Paddleboard

My wife discovered paddleboarding at a rental cabin on a lake years ago and has enjoyed it ever since. But with a tin boat, center console, and a rack full of canoes and kayaks taking up space in the yard we just didn’t have room for one—until now. Recent innovations in inflatable technology have created inflatable paddleboards that are as rigid as their traditional counterparts, but only take up about as much room as a standard backpack when deflated. The Blackfin Model X also took the top slot in our paddleboard roundup.

One such inflatable is the iROCKER Blackfin Model X, which was designed with anglers in mind. It provides the ideal platform for sight fishing, letting you stealthily glide over the water’s surface, looking for fish. The package comes with everything needed to get out on the water, including a paddle, pump, and rolling pack to tote it there. You can add a rod holder or even a leaning post, though that increases the storage space needed.—JA

Best Dehydrator: COSORI Dehydrator

Best Dehydrator

If I’m being honest, the COSORI Dehydrator was as much a gift to myself as it was to my wife. This versatile unit lets us convert five pounds of goose meat into jerky in a single batch and can dry out a heap of thyme with equal ease. You can keep the transparent door shut and keep an eye on the whole process, saving time by keeping the temperature steady. Six trays and 600 watts of power take care of the whole harvest at once. In the few years we’ve owned it, we have cranked out countless batches of jerky, dried fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It’s even a great way to preserve mushrooms for later use. If your mom hunts, forages, or keeps a garden, she will enjoy adding this dehydrator to her kitchen equipment. —JA