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After a long day of walking or hiking, few things soothe foot pain better than sliding into a well-cushioned pair of indoor outdoor slippers. Finding footwear that is comfortable enough to wear both around the house and out the door can be a challenge, especially when you’re hoping it can also function as camp shoes—so we did the work of narrowing down which slippers do it best.

Whether you plan on wearing them at the campsite, to the mailbox, or just around the house, outdoor slippers should be equipped with grippy soles for handling all types of surfaces. Ideally, they will be roomy enough so you can easily slide them on your bare feet or pair them with some warm socks for peak coziness. We tested several pairs to learn which features make the best indoor outdoor slippers for both men and women.

How We Picked the Best Indoor Outdoor Slippers

To determine which indoor outdoor slippers are best, I tested several pairs inside my apartment on carpeted and hardwood floors, and outside on pavement, gravel, and dirt trails. One pair that I tested (which will remain unnamed) did not make the cut—it was shapeless and much too large for the size I had selected, and it had a thin sole that offered little protection against rough, gravelly paths. This was useful for learning which features were important and why.

While testing the remaining slippers, I paid close attention to fit and comfort. Was there enough room inside the shoes to wear socks, or was it a tight squeeze? Was the back of the slipper high enough to keep my foot in place, or was my heel constantly popping out? Did the insole provide enough cushioning and support, or did it feel too firm and unyielding?

Six pairs of indoor outdoor slippers arranged on carpet
I tested out slippers from popular footwear brands both inside and outside. Paige Triola

Note: I observed that a few pairs of slippers needed a short breaking in period (at least three days of wear) before they conformed to the shape of my foot, which was important to learn so I didn’t dismiss them right away.

Best Indoor Outdoor Slippers: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Keen Howser III Slide

Best Overall


  • Sizes: 7 – 15 (men), 5 – 11 (women)
  • Material: Recycled PET plastic bottles
  • Outsole: Rubber


  • Fit well with great arch support
  • Easy to slip on
  • Sturdy soles for pain-free walking


  • A bit snug, can only wear thin socks with these

A warm lining, good arch support, and sturdy soles make this indoor outdoor slipper the best thing to slide on for running errands or for just hanging out at the house. The bottoms of these slippers are high-traction so you can walk on slick floors and even icy sidewalks with confidence. The Keen Howser III Slide looks more like a clog than a traditional slipper, so you can wear it outside or at the grocery store without drawing attention. With supportive cushioning cradling my heels and arches, I didn’t want to take them off after coming home from shopping—so I didn’t.

Woman wearing Keen Howser III Slide Slippers outdoors
I liked how comfortable and versatile the Keen indoor outdoor slippers were. Paige Triola

These slippers are true to size and have a bit of extra room in the forefoot so your toes aren’t pinched, but I found that they fit a little snugly around the midfoot. Because of this, no socks or thin socks are your best bet. (With the warmth these slippers provide, socks are optional anyway.)

The back of the shoe is high enough to keep your heel inside so there’s no awkward flopping as you walk, and while the handy lace-lock bungee system allows you to cinch the collar close to your foot, I didn’t even need to use it since the fit was already pretty dialed.

Best for Camping: Outdoor Research Tundra Trax Booties

Best for Camping


  • Sizes: XS – XL (men and women)
  • Material: Recycled polyester and PrimaLoft Gold fill insulation
  • Outsole: Synthetic rubber


  • Insulation for warmth in cold weather
  • Rubber sole offers high traction
  • Drawstring on top for tighter closure


  • A bit tough to pull on and off
  • Soles do not provide adequate arch support

The Outdoor Research Tundra Trax Booties are surprisingly lightweight and have a thick, firm sole that keeps feet safe from pointy rocks and gravel. The outside material is quilted and stuffed with PrimaLoft Gold fill, making these booties extra warm and suitable for outdoor adventures, particularly cold-weather camping. In testing, I appreciated that the high tops and drawstring closure—which pull the booty’s collar against your leg—prevented dirt, leaves, and snow from getting inside.

Woman wearing Outdoor Research Tundra Trax booties outside
These Outdoor Research indoor outdoor slippers are very warm—perfect for fall and winter. Paige Triola

I found the sole to be a bit too firm for my liking, but that may be because my high arches require a good deal of support. That being said, while they aren’t so great for long hikes outside, they’re fantastic as a camping slipper for getting around the cabin or tent and walking around the campsite.

Best Value: Crocs Classic Lined Clog

Best Value


  • Sizes: 7 – 15 (men), 5 – 11 (women)
  • Material: PEVA (Polyethylene-Vinyl Acetate) and faux fur lining
  • Outsole: PEVA


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Faux fur lining keeps feet toasty
  • Heel strap secures foot inside shoe
  • Comfortable for all-day wear


  • Fur lining can get sweaty, better to wear with socks

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Crocs Classic Lined Clogs, but the moment I slid my feet into them, I was hooked. Lightweight and snug with a soft liner for warmth and cushion, these slippers felt fantastic underfoot while costing less than the competition. Because they look like any other pair of Crocs, they can easily transition from inside to outside without looking like you left the house in your bedroom slippers.

Woman wearing Crocs Classic Lined Clog outside
I now understand the hype around Crocs after trying out the lined clogs. Paige Triola

I wore these on a 2-mile walk on a lakeside gravel path, and while they held up well, it feels like they’re designed more for shorter walks on smoother terrain. They felt great on my feet as I did chores around the apartment and took a quick trip to the grocery store.

Best for Women: Manitobah Renew Clog

Best for Women


  • Sizes: 5 – 11 (women)
  • Material: ​​rPET polyester felt, cow leather, and faux sheepskin liner
  • Outsole: Rubber


  • Grippy rubber outsoles
  • Soft and cushioned insoles
  • Synthetic liner provides just the right amount of warmth


  • Fit is snug, best to go one size up

The Manitobah Renew Clogs have a cozy, homey feel that had me slipping them on as soon as I got out of bed in the morning. The sturdy soles performed as well in the house as they did on sidewalks or gravel paths—although with their distinct bedroom slipper appearance, I felt most comfortable using these indoors or just to walk to the mailbox. Lined with faux sheepskin, the clogs are luxuriously soft and fluffy inside. The benefit of this synthetic insulation is that feet are kept warm without getting sweaty.

Woman wearing Manitobah Renew Clog Slippers outside
These clogs felt and looked the most like bedroom slippers to me. Paige Triola

The Renew Clogs have the added bonus of being a more sustainable choice. The outer material is made of recycled materials (PET plastic bottles) and wool. This innovative combination provides breathability and warmth while repurposing plastic and reducing waste. I also liked how the slippers feature Indigenous artistry, with the outsole designed by Haudenosaunee artist Niio Perkins.

Best Water-Resistant: Chaco Ramble Puff Slippers

Best Water-Resistant


  • Sizes: 7 – 14 (men), 5 – 11 (women)
  • Material: Ripstop nylon and fleece lining
  • Outsole: Rubber compound


  • Water-resistant fabric keeps feet dry in wet grass or light rain
  • Soft and warm liner inside
  • Top strap lets you adjust fit


  • A tad narrow if you have wider feet

Stepping into the Chaco Ramble Puff Slippers feels like a warm hug with their soft fleece lining, and even more so when you adjust the top straps for a perfect fit. The robust outsoles of the slippers have enough tread for no-slip walking, and although the insoles were firm, they weren’t so unyielding that my feet complained. While not fully waterproof, these water-resistant slippers keep my feet dry in damp grass or light rain, making them an excellent piece of gear to pack for a camping trip with wet weather in the forecast.

Woman wearing Chaco Ramble Puff Slippers outside
I liked how soft and snug the Ramble Puffs were while wearing them around. Paige Triola

I felt like I had enough wiggle room in these flexible and spacious Chacos and could easily wear thicker socks with them. However, some wearers have reported that the narrow shape of the slippers feels confining if you have wider feet, so keep that in mind and go one size up if this is a concern.

Best Wool: Glerups Slip-On with Natural Rubber Sole

Best Wool


  • Sizes: 4 – 17 (men), 5 – 13 (women)
  • Material: 100% wool
  • Outsole: Natural rubber


  • Molded to the shape of the foot for a cozy fit
  • All natural materials
  • Warm and breathable for year-round wear
  • Wool absorbs moisture and is odor-free


  • Takes a few wears before breaking in
  • Heel tends to pop out due to low back

Made of 100% pure wool and natural rubber, these slippers are a great fit for those who make an effort to avoid chemicals in their everyday products. The high-quality felted wool construction kept my feet warm and dry during testing, making them ideal to wear all year long. Underneath, the rubber outsole flexed gently with each step and didn’t slip on smooth wood floors.

Woman wearing Glerups Wool Slip-On slippers outside
The Glerups contoured to my feet the longer I wore them. Paige Triola

The first couple of times I wore these Glerups, I wasn’t sure about the fit–the low backs of the slippers felt too shallow and my heels were popping out as I walked. After a few days, the slippers seemed to have better molded to the bottoms of my feet and my heels stayed securely inside. I was also able to slide my socked feet inside more easily, whereas before it had been a tight fit. Keep this in mind if the slippers seem too small at first; they likely need a few days to become molded to your foot shape.

What to Consider When Choosing Indoor Outdoor Slippers

Comfort and Warmth

Comfort is key with indoor outdoor slippers. Consider how much arch support your feet need—do you require extra cushion for high arches, or do you have flatter feet that don’t need extra support? Check the product description and reviews carefully to make sure the level of cushion is right for your feet. You should also think about how warm you prefer your footwear to be. If you tend to get hot easily, avoid super insulating materials like down or synthetic fill and shearling.

Sole Material

It’s also important to choose a pair that has a burly rubber outsole. It’s one thing to feel comfortable walking on carpets, but uneven, gravelly ground will put your indoor outdoor slippers to the test. If you anticipate wearing the slippers outdoors in slick conditions, make sure the outsoles have good traction.


Q: How do you clean indoor outdoor slippers?

As a rule of thumb, hard-soled footwear should not go in the washer or dryer. The machine may get damaged by the soles thudding around, and the heat from the dryer may cause the rubber to melt or warp. For the lining, it’s usually safe to hand wash with gentle detergent and warm water and dry with a hairdryer. A simple solution for cleaning the bottom of your slippers is to simply wipe them with a wet cloth.

As always, cleaning instructions vary by individual product. Check the packaging to see what the manufacturer recommends before you attempt to wash your slippers.

Q: Should you wear socks with outdoor slippers?

Wearing socks with slippers is a matter of preference, but there are some practical reasons for and against it. If your feet tend to sweat, it’s better to wear a pair of socks, as they act as a buffer between your skin and the lining of the slipper. When slippers get damp inside, they become an environment for bacterial growth and are likely to start smelling funky.

Q: How are outdoor slippers different from indoor ones?

Outdoor slippers differ from indoor slippers in that they tend to have better arch support and are often more molded to the shape of your foot so they won’t easily slip off. Outdoor slippers also feature a sole made of rubber or other durable materials that can withstand walking on rough or hard surfaces outside.

Best Indoor Outdoor Slippers: Final Thoughts

The best indoor outdoor slippers provide warmth, have good arch support, fit well to the shape of the foot, and feature a sturdy sole that can be worn on rough surfaces without breaking down or hurting your feet. If you’re looking to buy a pair for yourself or a loved one, consider one of our top picks. We especially loved the Keen Howser III Slide for its comfortable fit and versatility.

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