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Are you in need of thoughtful yet cheap gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiast on your list this year? Our experts at Field & Stream have rounded up the best outdoor gifts under $25 that you can use for stocking stuffers or small gifts for any occasion. Don’t let the inexpensive price fool you—all of these products are good quality and functional and come highly recommended.

These gifts span across various outdoor sports from backpacking to paddling. Browse our list, and we promise whatever you choose will be something your giftee will actually use on their next adventure. 

Best Overall: MPowerd Luci Outdoor Lantern

Best Overall

We like that the lightweight Luci lantern packs down small and that the battery can be recharged using solar. It’s right on the cusp of the $25 price range, but is worth it for the functionality it brings to outdoor adventures. The light weight makes it easy to hang in a tent and because it’s waterproof, you don’t have to worry about leaving it out in the rain or taking it on a late-night paddle.

Best Under $20: Cabela’s Neck Gaiter

Best Under $20

One often overlooked clothing item that comes in handy this time of the year is a neck gaiter. This one from Cabela’s is an affordable option. It is available in two patterns, and one size fits most. Made from polyester and spandex, it is easy to slip on and off, and even if you get warm while you hike, it should help wick moisture away from your body. Unlike most synthetic materials, the fabric is treated with an odor-fighting polygiene, preventing the fabric from clinging to odors.

Best Under $10: Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

Best Under $10

Water bottle cleaning tablets are a cheap, effective, and practical gift that can be used as a stocking stuffer or for someone who seems to have everything already. The Bottle Bright tablets are easy to use and can even be used to clean water reservoirs along with bottles of all kinds. They’re a natural cleaning solution that doesn’t utilize bleach and should require no scrubbing. They sanitize and clean stainless steel bottles, mugs, hydration reservoirs, coolers, plastic containers, and bottles.

Best Under $5: Muddy Accessory Hooks

Best Under $5

Give the gift of organization this year with a few Muddy Accessory Hooks. These are great for use at home but tend to be more popular for use in tree stands. Use them at home to organize gear or get muddy/wet clothing off the ground and in one area. Use them in a tree stand to arrange equipment. The sharp end makes it easy to secure the hook in a tree, and they are rated up to 10 pounds per hook. The rubber coating helps protect your equipment when taking them on and off the hooks.

Best for Cold Weather: Zippo Hand Warmer 

Best for Cold Weather

Hunters and hikers alike know that fall and winter outdoor adventures often call for a few hand warmers. While a box of classic hand warmers can still be a practical gift, we prefer the Zippo hand warmer. It is reusable and flameless, and can last up to 12 hours. It creates warmth with a catalytic burner and comes with an easy-fill cup to prevent spill when refilling the Zippo hand warmer fluid. There’s also a smaller 6-hour hand warmer option but we prefer the 12-hour hand warmer for long days and nights on the trail.

Best for Coffee Lovers: Hikers Brew Coffee Sampler 

Best for Coffee Lovers

While there are several coffee options for backpacking and hunting, Hikers Brew is dedicated to creating more sustainable coffee options for all backcountry adventures. All their coffee options are ground and intended to be brewed using a pour-over. Unlike many other brands, they come in single-serve pouches that are at-home compostable. This sampler comes with six different coffee flavors.

Best Gear Repair: Gear Aid Tenacious Tape

Best Gear Repair

We talk about Tenacious Tape a lot because it is, in our eyes, necessary to have on hand in the backcountry and at home. No sewing or heat activation is required to use this gear repair and patching system. For folks with synthetic gear or clothing, having a roll of Tenacious Tape on hand for quick and effective fabric repairs is a must. Gear Aid has a wide variety of gear repair items at an affordable price, so you can even put together a small gear repair kit for the backpacker or hunter in your life.

Best Campfire Accessory: SUPRUS Electric Lighter 

Best Campfire Accessory

Right now is a great time to cozy up around a campfire (check fire bans first) or indoor fireplace. Using matches and classic lighters can work, but why not get a longer-lasting option? The SUPRUS Electric Lighter is a rechargeable lighter that provides limitless power and makes it easy to reach and start a fire. It is affordable, portable, and lightweight, and the flameless technology makes it an excellent option for lighting fires in windy or stormy weather.

Best for Paddlers and Kayakers: Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack

Best for Paddlers and Kayakers

Paddlers, backpackers, hunters, and anglers can all appreciate the versatility and practicality of a reliable dry sack. The Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sacks are relatively inexpensive for their quality. These dry bags are waterproof but are not intended to be submerged in water. They work well and keep moisture out in the rain or when water splashes onto the bag thanks to the secure roll top.

Best for Survival Kits: UCO Stormproof Matches

Best for Survival Kits

Even if the person you are gifting isn’t a survivalist or building a survival kit, having some UCO Stormproof Matches on hand while in the backcountry never hurts. If caught in a storm or if the lighter runs out of fuel, it is recommended to have a functional backup. Stormproof matches tend to have a longer burn time than classic matches (around 15 seconds), and they should relight after being submerged in water. That way, you can still light your stove or a fire in a rainstorm without worry. The UCO match case is also waterproof.

Best Apparel: Swiftwick Flite XT Trail Socks

Best Apparel

We cannot get enough of the Swiftwick Flite XT Trail Socks, which are a classic and functional gift for men and women alike. If you are gifting someone that loves hiking, needs work socks, or wants to upgrade their sock collection, these are a perfect fit. Swiftwick has a variety of sock styles available, and one of our favorites is the Flite XT. They are slim-fitting and snug to reduce the likelihood of hot spots forming and are breathable. While they may not be the best sock for winter hikes, they work well for summer and shoulder seasons.

Best Water Bottle: Nalgene Water Bottle

Best Water Bottle

Nalgene water bottles are durable and widely used for outdoor activities. Since they have measurements on the side, many backpackers enjoy using them to portion out how much water to boil for meals. They’re sturdy enough to be used to throw a rope for a bear bag and the classic Nalgene is a quick way to see if you dug your cathole deep enough. Whether your giftee is an experienced hiker or someone new to backpacking, they likely have a use for a Nalgene.

Most Practical for Hikers: Tentlab Deuce Cathole Trowel 

Most Practical for Hikers

Make digging a cathole easier to manage with the lightweight Tentlab Deuce Cathole Trowel. Ultralight hikers will appreciate the small pack size and the overall effectiveness of the tool when they need to get down to business. Made from 7075-T6 aluminum, it is a durable trowel. While the aluminum is pretty thin—so you may notice some flexibility when using it—you shouldn’t have an issue with bending.

Best for Women: Kula Cloth

Best for Women

Anyone that squats when they pee will appreciate a Kula Cloth when they hit the trail. Not only does it reduce the amount of toilet paper or wipes they need to carry, but it is also often faster to use. The Kula Cloth can be attached to the outside of a pack for easy access. Made from antimicrobial materials, one side is waterproof, so there is minimal risk of getting any urine on your hands. It comes in various beautiful designs and is easy to wash, so you can keep things clean, dry, and sanitary, even on extended treks.

Best Eco-Friendly: Jetboil CrunchIt Recycling Tool 

Best Eco-Friendly

Anyone that uses single-use propane canisters will benefit from the Jetboil CrunchIt Recycling Tool. Made from steel, propane canisters should be recycled whenever possible. However, you can’t simply toss them in a curbside bin. Knowing how to dispose of and recycle propane canisters properly is essential, and the Jetboil CrunchIt can make the process much easier. 

Best for the Low-Waste Hiker: CuloClean Bidet 

Best for the Low-Waste Hiker

If you’re searching for another low-waste backpacking gadget, check out the CuloClean Bidet. Popular among many thru-hikers, this small bidet is suitable for all types of backcountry endeavors. It cuts back on toilet paper waste and leaves you feeling cleaner on long treks. It fits most standard plastic bottles (i.e., Smart Water) and is easy to use. There are other travel bidets on the market, but we prefer this one due to its durability, functionality, and small size.

Best for Anglers: Glasswater Angling Lead-Free Lures

Best for Anglers

Get the angler in your life some new lead-free fishing lures. Even though they are not required everywhere, they should be the go-to. Help preserve the wild spaces we love by gifting an eco-conscious fishing option. Glasswater Angling has a wide variety of lure options, all of which are very affordable. Mix and match the types of lures that best fit their fishing needs. They also have a few kits with several lures for sale that fall under or around the $25 price range.

Best for the Winter Hiker: Yaktrax Traction Cleats

Best for the Winter Hiker

With winter just around the corner, get the trail runner, hiker, or anyone that works outside Yaktrax Traction Cleats. No matter their age, anyone can benefit from traction aids, which can prevent slipping and falling when walking the dog, shoveling snow, checking the mail, or during winter trail runs. They fit snugly on boots, trainers, and other winter shoe options with the proper sizing. Although microspikes can also be an option, Yaktrax tend to be more comfortable to wear for extended periods and can be more versatile on surfaces.

Best for Car Camping: UST FlexWare Collapsible Sink

Best for Car Camping

A portable sink is an underrated piece of equipment for car camping or overlanding. The easy-to-pack UST FlexWare Collapsible Sink can be used as a sink or as a shower caddy, storage basket, or water carrier. We prefer it as a camp sink, especially since having two or more of them makes for an efficient wash station. These pack down small, making them easy to fit into pre-existing camp kitchen chuck boxes.

Best for Scouts: Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife

Best for Scouts

The Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife is a durable and functional item for any outdoor lover, but especially for younger enthusiasts. It is lightweight and made from high-carbon stainless steel. The small size and the pocket clip make it hard to lose, which is ideal when hiking or camping. You can also toss this in a first aid kit or survival pack. Opening and closing the knife flows well, and it locks while open, which helps prevent accidents from happening. This is a great little knife that any blossoming outdoor adventurer will love.