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As a woman who has lived in rainy states like Hawaii, Florida, and Oklahoma, I can attest to needing a good pair of rain boots in your closet. Whether dashing through rain-soaked streets, tending to your garden under gray skies, or simply making your way to work on a wet morning, these waterproof boots are essential.

While researching rain boots for women for this article, I narrowed down the most popular designs and brands, each tailored to tackle rain with style and functionality. From classic tall boots to trendy Chelsea styles, we’ve explored a diverse range of footwear from Hunter, Crocs, L.L. Bean, and more. After testing in the stormiest of weather conditions, these are the best rain boots for women, according to our experts.

How We Picked the Best Rain Boots for Women

I personally tested the rain boots mentioned in this article. My selection process involved both product research and hands-on testing. I looked for boots that offered ample water resistance along with style and comfort for various settings and conditions.

Totes and Bogs rain boots for women lined up on floor
I put some of the most popular rain boot brands to the test. Bethany Beathard

These are some of the criteria I considered to make my picks:

  • Waterproof Design: Waterproofing was my number one priority. The boots must be 100% waterproof to keep your feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Style and Versatility: I looked for boots that not only provide protection but are also good-looking and appropriate for various activities.
  • Durability: The boots must be built to last. I examined the quality of materials and craftsmanship to ensure longevity of use.
  • Price and Value: Balancing quality and affordability is key. I considered whether the boots offer good value for their price, considering their features and durability.

Best Rain Boots for Women: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Hunter Original Chelsea

Best Overall


  • Material: FSC-certified natural rubber
  • Height: 5 inches
  • Sizes: 5-11


  • Quality and durability known with the Hunter brand.
  • Exceptional waterproofing with natural rubber construction.
  • Elastic side gussets provide a secure fit and flexibility.


  • Limited insulation
  • Expensive

Hunter rain boots are arguably the most popular, and they’re well worth the expensive price tag. Our executive editor of commerce, Amanda Oliver, has owned a pair of Hunter Chelsea rain boots for years and swears by them. Crafted from natural rubber and boasting the brand’s iconic red and white logo, these ankle rain boots offer exceptional waterproofing while maintaining a fashion-forward look.

Hunter Chelsea Rain Boots sitting on wood floor
I never liked rain boots until I caved and bought a pair of Hunters. Amanda Oliver

We like how easy they are to put on, thanks to the low profile, slip-on design with elastic side gussets, and convenient pull tabs on the heels. They kept our feet warm and dry during hours of wear, and they’re breathable enough that we weren’t sweating in them. Plus, there’s no blistering or chafing—these could just be the most comfortable rain boots we’ve found.

The non-slip rubber outsole provides plenty of stability on wet terrain, making them perfect for rainy days. While they may not offer significant insulation for cold weather, they are perfect for keeping your feet dry in milder, wet conditions. Hunter’s commitment to quality and durability is evident in every step. Whether navigating city streets or exploring the great outdoors, these Chelsea rain boots are a versatile and dependable choice.

Best Short: Sperry Torrent Chelsea

Best Short


  • Material: Rubber
  • Height: 4.25 inches
  • Sizes: 5-12


  • Stylish Chelsea boot design that seamlessly blends fashion and function
  • Micro-fleece lining for added warmth
  • Lugged outsole and signature Sperry siping embedded throughout for extra support and traction


  • Pricier then some boots we tested

With an attractive Chelsea boot design and durable waterproof rubber upper, these Sperry rain boots are a great balance of style and practicality. They’re ankle-high with a comfortable and secure fit thanks to the elastic side gussets and pull tabs. Sperry’s Wave-Siping rubber outsole delivers impressive traction on wet surfaces, ensuring stability even on rainy days.

Available in four muted colors, the Sperry Chelsea rain boots are a versatile choice that are as good for running errands on a rainy day as they are for heading out on the boat for a long day of fishing (after all, Sperry is known for making some of the best boat shoes). Though these are slightly more expensive than some of the others we tested, they are worth the investment due to the longevity of use.

Most Comfortable: Crocs Classic Rain Boot

Most Comfortable


  • Material: Croslite, a lightweight and waterproof material
  • Height: 6.75 inches
  • Sizes: 4-15


  • Lightweight and very easy to carry
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry
  • Iconic Crocs Comfort™: Flexible. 360-degree comfort


  • Shorter height doesn’t provide as much coverage as taller boots

The Crocs Classic Rain Boot is the epitome of comfort and practicality in wet weather. Made from Croslite—which is a lightweight waterproof material—these boots are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. The pull-on style ensures a hassle-free experience. In testing, I liked how easy it was to slip them on before running out the door.

The iconic Crocs Comfort sets these rain boots apart from others I tested. The cushioned insoles made them a pleasure to wear all day long—I didn’t experience any discomfort. More importantly, my feet remained totally dry on even the rainiest of days thanks to the waterproof design and thick rubber. Although these boots have a mid-ankle height, which may not provide as much coverage in deeper puddles, they excel in most rainy conditions.

Woman wearing olive green Crocs classic rain boots
Croc rain boots are made of the same material as the original Crocs clogs. Bethany Beathard

Available in a range of colors to suit your style, the Crocs Classic Rain Boot is an ideal choice for those who prioritize comfort and trendy style above all else. If you’re looking for rain boots that feel like walking on a cloud, these boots won’t disappoint, trust me. Plus, everybody loves Crocs!

Best Insulated: L.L. Bean Duck Boots

Best Insulated


  • Material: Full-grain leather and waterproof rubber
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Sizes: 5-11


  • A stylish twist on the classic duck boot design that combines fashion and function.
  • Full-grain leather upper offers a sophisticated and versatile look.
  • Premium waterproof and insulated construction
  • Removable insole


  • More expensive than other rain boots

The OG L.L. Bean duck boots redefine style in the world of rain boots, offering a fashionable twist on the classic duck boot design while maintaining top-notch functionality. Crafted from full-grain leather and waterproof rubber, these boots will hold up for plenty of rainy seasons to come and have a timeless silhouette that likely will never go out of style.

What sets these boots apart is their premium waterproof and insulated construction, keeping your feet warm and dry in all weather conditions. The treaded rubber outsole provides excellent stability and traction on wet terrain. While the mid-ankle height may not offer as much coverage in extremely deep water, they’re a great option for hiking or sloshing through puddles.

Available in a range of colors and designs, L.L. Bean duck boots have thousands of fans for good reason. While they may come with a slightly higher price tag, the quality and classic design make them a worthwhile investment.

Best for Walking: BOGS Amanda Plush II Chelsea

Best for Walking


  • Material: 100% waterproof suede and rubber
  • Height: 5.5 inches
  • Sizes: 6-12


  • 100% waterproof construction using both suede and rubber
  • Ideal comfort for extended walks
  • Plush lining insulation
  • Slip-resistant outsole


  • Plush lining and insulation may make these boots too warm for hot and humid conditions

Having put the BOGS Women’s Amanda Plush II Chelsea Rain Boots to the test, I can confirm their exceptional comfort, especially during extended walks in wet conditions. These ankle-high boots are a fantastic companion for rainy days, thanks to their plush lining and rebound cushioning insole. As a busy mom of 5, I need comfort without compromising style.

These boots are easy to slip on. No matter the type of rainy weather, your feet remain cozy and dry. The 100% waterproof construction, which combines suede and rubber, offers peace of mind against moisture. It’s like having a reliable raincoat for your feet. During my testing, the slip-resistant outsole provided a secure grip even on slippery surfaces. I never had to worry about wiping out.

Woman wearing Bogs Amanda Plush II Chelsea rain boots
These BOGS rain boots are well-insulated for colder weather. Bethany Beathard

One consideration is that the plush lining and insulation can make the boots quite toasty, which might not be ideal for hot and humid conditions. I actually liked the plush lining as an added barrier between the rubber. I typically wear thin socks; I had no issues with rubbing or “hot spots.” I recommend consulting the size charts to secure the perfect fit. If you’re on the hunt for rain boots that can handle both the rain, long walks, and mom life, the BOGS Amanda Plush II Chelsea boots pass the test with flying colors.

Best Tall: Chooka Polished Tall

Best Tall


  • Material: Ultra H.C. Rubber
  • Height: 12.75 inches
  • Sizes: 6-11


  • Classic Chic style look
  • Fully waterproof
  • Provides excellent coverage and protection
  • Treaded rubber outsole
  • Comfortable memory foam insole


  • Taller design may not be as convenient for quick on-and-off wear.

These Chooka tall rain boots are a standout choice if you want maximum coverage and protection in wet conditions. With a tall boot design that reaches the mid-calf, these boots shield you from rain and puddles. I’m a shoe gal, and I like having multiple boot options. The pull-on style with adjustable leather straps ensures a customized and secure fit, while the treaded rubber outsole provides the necessary stability and traction for walking on wet surfaces. Of course, because these are a tall boot, they are more difficult and cumbersome to get in and out of than shorter boots. But that just comes with the territory.

With various colors and designs available, the Chooka Polished Tall Rain Boot combines style and practicality, making it a reliable companion for staying dry and fashionable on rainy days. If you’re searching for tall rain boots that offer both coverage and style, these boots are an excellent pick.

Best Wide Calf: Bogs Classic Tall Wide Calf

Best Wide Calf


  • Material: 7mm Neo-Tech waterproof insulation
  • Height: 14 inches
  • Sizes: 6-12


  • Durable, four-way stretch inner bootie
  • DuraFresh natural bio-technology fights odors
  • Bogs Max-Wick keeps feet dry by evaporating sweat


  • Not as fashionable as others we reviewed and tested

The BOGS classic tall wide calf rain boots are a dream come true if you have wider calves and are tired of trying to shove your legs into narrow footwear. These boots provide a more generous fit of 17 inches in circumference, ensuring that your legs have room to move and breathe. They also feature a four-way stretch inner bootie and pull-on handles that make them easy to put on and take off despite the taller mid-calf height.

The non-slip, non-marking, and self-cleaning outsole gives you traction on wet terrain, while the 100 percent waterproof construction keeps you dry. The boots are also a more environmentally friendly choice, made of Yulex Natural rubber, sustainably harvested in Forest Stewardship Council-approved regions. Available in various colors and designs, the BOGS rain boots for wide calves combine comfort and style in an affordable option.

Best Budget: Totes Everywear Chelsea

Best Budget


  • Material: Rubber
  • Height: 4.5 inches
  • Sizes: 6-11


  • Treaded rubber outsole provides good traction
  • Very affordable
  • Available in a range of colors


  • Not much arch support

After personally testing the Totes Everywear Chelsea rain boots, I can vouch for their budget-friendly reliability regarding rain protection. These ankle-high boots proved to be a practical choice, especially for quick errands on rainy days, thanks to their easy on-and-off design and slip-on style. As I wore these boots, the treaded rubber outsole provided a stable and secure grip on wet surfaces, ensuring my steps were slip-free.

Bogs and Totes Chelsea Rain Boots on grass
These Totes rain boots are the best affordable rain boots you can buy. Bethany Beathard

The rubber is very flexible, so they move with your foot, which I really liked. However, during my testing, I noticed they don’t have enough arch support for extended wear (at least for me). Nevertheless, as a budget-friendly option, they don’t compromise on waterproof performance, making them a practical and cost-effective choice for those needing dependable rain boots.

What to Consider When Choosing Rain Boots for Women

Weather Conditions

Your choice of rain boots should align with the typical rain conditions in your region. For areas prone to heavy downpours, taller boots with more coverage may be more effective at keeping water out and ensuring your feet remain dry even in the most torrential rains. On the other hand, if your location experiences more sporadic or light rain, ankle-high boots may suffice, providing protection without the bulk of taller designs.

The season in which you plan to wear your boots also significantly impacts your selection. In colder weather, insulated rain boots will keep your feet warm and comfortable in chilly, wet conditions. Conversely, for warm or transitional seasons, unlined rain boots may be the better choice. Their lightweight and breathable design offers comfort without overheating.

Intended Use

The intended use of your rain boots plays a pivotal role in determining the style and features you’ll require. Are they primarily for urban commuting, where style and convenience are essential? Or do you plan to use them for outdoor adventures, gardening, or daily wear? Different activities may necessitate specific features, such as extra tread for outdoor exploration or easy-on, easy-off designs for daily use. Tailoring your choice to your activity level ensures your rain boots are not only practical but also suit your lifestyle.

Comfort and Fit

Sizing is a fundamental consideration when choosing the perfect pair of rain boots. Ill-fitting boots can quickly lead to discomfort, blisters, and an overall unpleasant experience. To avoid this, consult the provided size charts. Consider additional features for a better fit and feel. If you plan to wear your boots all day or for commuting, cushioned insoles and arch support are can greatly reduce fatigue and discomfort during prolonged use.

Not all calves are the same size, and for some, finding boots that fit perfectly can be a challenge. Fortunately, some rain boots come with adjustable features like laces, buckles, or gussets. These elements allow you to customize the fit to your calf size, providing both security and comfort.

Style and Versatility

Your personal style is a crucial factor to consider. There are a variety of designs, spanning from classic to trendy. Selecting a style that aligns with your individual fashion and complements your existing wardrobe is essential. Consider where and when you anticipate wearing these boots. Versatile designs are capable of transitioning seamlessly from streets to rugged outdoor terrain. Certain boots are tailored for casual, everyday wear, while others possess the versatility to be dressed up for semi-formal events.


Q: Should you order a size up for rain boots?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to whether you should order a size up for rain boots. It depends on your specific needs and the characteristics of the boots you’re interested in. Typically, you’ll wear the same size in rain boots as your normal size. Be sure to check the sizing guidelines provided by the manufacturer and consider your comfort preferences when making your decision.

Q: Should rain boots fit snug or loose?

Rain boots should fit comfortably snug to ensure that they provide protection from moisture and keep your feet dry. Excessive room within the boot can lead to friction and discomfort. Your foot should not slide around inside the boot. Rain boots should fit securely around your foot to prevent them from slipping or rubbing as you walk. A snug fit ensures that your foot remains in place, especially when walking through puddles or muddy terrain.

Q: What’s the difference between waterproof and water-resistant boots?

Waterproof and water-resistant boots are designed to protect your feet from moisture, but they offer different levels of protection and are suited for various conditions. Waterproof means the boot was designed to keep your feet dry in wet conditions. The materials and technology makeup prevent water from penetrating. Water-resistant means they are not completely waterproof but are designed to repel moisture.

Q: Are Hunter rain boots worth it?

Hunter is a well-known brand that has become synonymous with high-quality rain boots, but their cost is higher compared to some other rain boot options. Hunter rain boots are worth the investment if you prioritize durability, style, and long-term use.

Best Rain Boots for Women: Final Thoughts

Selecting a good pair of rain boots can make quite the difference when out in inclement weather. It all comes down to your personal preferences, including comfort, style, fit, and budget. Whether you seek classic no-fuss designs, all-terrain functionality, or a blend of fashion and practicality, there are a ton of options out there. I chose the Hunter Original Chelsea rain boots as the best rain boots for women overall thanks to their exceptional quality and timeless design.

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