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At Field & Stream, we know all too well how expensive tents can be, but there’s a lot of price variation in the category—hence the hunt for the best tent deals. After all, if you’re setting up a week-long elk camp, taking the scout troop out, or just don’t enjoy roughing it in the backcountry, a proper wall tent will easily set you back $1,000. If you’re a backpacker not too concerned with weight, or one of those minimalist Bivy evangelists, you can find a lot of quality for a few hundred bucks.

But everyone loves a deal, so we’ve gathered some of the best sales on tents right now. Unfortunately for those of you making hunting camp, it’s harder to find big, comfortable wall tents on sale, and most of what you’ll find is smaller backpack and family tents. 

Still, even the best tents occasionally go on sale, so we will keep this page updated with the best tent deals as we come across bigger and better sales. 

MSR H.U.B. 8 Tent – $3,249.99 (35% off, Save $1,750) 

It’s expensive, yes, and it looks a bit more Everest base camp than elk camp, but hear me out on this one. It’s a 108 square foot, eight-person tent that packs down to 48-pounds. If you’re flying in, if you’re going to be moving camp, or if you’re a smaller group that wants a bigger tent, this tent can really be your answer. Another, for lack of a better word, bonus, is that with big price tags come big discounts. At 35% off, you’re saving $1,750 on this tent.  

ALPS Mountaineering Helix 1 – $167.98 (30% off, Save $72) 

A packable three-pole tent is a backpacking classic. Sub $200 from one of the most well-known brands out there is always a good deal. An extra plus is having the door along the length of the tent. It’s a small design choice, but it’s infinitely easier to roll into your vestibule, vs squirming out to the end of the tent. 

ALPS Mountaineering Helix 2 – $195.98 (30% off, Save $84)

Same tent, same perks, but split across two backpackers you’re each only carrying 2lbs. 1oz., and that’s ultralight territory. Same as the one-person model, you have entry along the length of the tent, with two side doors. No crawling over each other trying to get out—a small luxury that makes a huge difference in the backcountry. 

ALPS Mountaineering Morada 4 – $148.48 (55% off, Save $181) 

Yet another deal from ALPS Mountaineering, a better one for those camping with a family, or car campers looking for a bit more space. All the weatherproofing you’ll need, two vestibules for gear, and a big 55% off discount, this one is an easy buy.