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Tick collars protect dogs from nasty eight-legged, disease-carrying ticks and may also repel or kill other bothersome critters like fleas and lice. These collars can protect your dog from tick bites and tick-borne diseases and keep them comfortable during the heat of tick season. Plus, a tick-free dog increases your chances of staying tick-free, too.

Tick collars all basically work the same. They’re loaded with tick-attacking substances, such as insecticides or essential oils, that release into the dog’s coat and skin. Some collars can eradicate an existing tick infestation, while others are better at prevention. We put together a list of the best tick collars for dogs, with collars designed for dogs of different sizes and collars that can last several months before they need replacing.

How We Picked the Best Tick Collars for Dogs

We considered a few factors when picking the best tick collars for dogs, including the collar’s adjustability, treatment method, safety features, and effectiveness.

Some collars are one-size-fits-all while others offer sizes based on dog weight and/or neck circumference. While we’ve included both types, the collars designed for dogs of a specific weight and neck circumference offer the best fit. Their adjustability increases the chances of a snug but comfortable fit that prevents your dog from pulling the collar off.

Treatment methods range from various pet-safe insecticides to essential oils. Collars with insecticides can kill an existing infestation, while essential oil and other natural-based collars typically can only repel ticks and fleas. While all of the collars on our list are safe for pets, we also included an environmentally-friendly option for those who want to avoid insecticides altogether.

Best Tick Collars for Dogs: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Seresto Flea and Tick Treatment and Prevention Collar

Best Overall


  • Size(s): Small or large
  • Active Ingredients: Imidacloprid and flumethrin
  • Months of Protection: Eight


  • Highly durable and long-lasting, with up to eight months of protection
  • Protects against fleas, ticks, and lice
  • Kills pests within 24 hours of application
  • Non-greasy design leaves an attractive coat


  • Escape artists may get the collar off
  • Expensive

The Seresto Flea and Tick Treatment and Prevention Collar flies high above other tick collars in flea and tick prevention as well as in durability. It also soars above them in price, but the design and longevity make it worth it for many pet parents.

This collar contains imidacloprid and flumethrin integrated into the collar’s structure for a slow, consistent release that kills existing ticks, fleas, and lice. We like that the collar’s design eliminates the greasy feel that some insecticide-filled collars leave behind. It offers protection for up to eight months, accounting for one bath per month. If your dog spends a lot of time in the water or gets a bath more than once monthly, the collar’s life may shorten to an average of five months.

The Seresto comes in two sizes—one for dogs under 18 pounds and one for dogs over 18 pounds. The smaller sizes fit necks from 5 to 11.75 inches, and the larger 10.5 to 23 inches. While this collar is highly effective for up to eight months, you pay a high price for that longevity. Additionally, tenacious dogs might be able to slip out of this collar, especially if it’s not sized correctly.

Best for Large Dogs: Zodiac Flea and Tick Collar

Best for Large Dogs


  • Size(s): Puppies, small/medium, or large/giant
  • Active Ingredients: Tetrachlorvophis
  • Months of Protection: Seven


  • Large fits necks up to 26 inches in circumference
  • Lasts up to seven months
  • Multiple sizes mean a better fit
  • Affordable price for the amount of protection


  • Better for prevention than eradicating
  • Leaves behind white powder

The Zodiac Flea and Tick Collar comes at an affordable price yet offers excellent protection against unwanted critters. Of course, it’s important to note that it’s better for prevention than getting rid of an existing infestation of either ticks or fleas. But once activated, the tetrachlorvophis keeps pests from making your dog their home.

We like this collar for large dogs because the largest size can fit necks up to 26 inches in circumference. With three sizes, you’re more likely to get a better fit with the Zodiac than those that come in one-size-fits-all. The smallest size is rated to fit even toy breeds or puppies. The Zodiac collars can last up to seven months, though how frequently you bathe your dog can influence longevity.

Note: You might experience a bit of white powdery residue with this collar, which is especially noticeable if your dog has darker hair.

Best Waterproof: TevraPet Activate II Flea and Tick Collar

Best Waterproof


  • Size(s): One
  • Active Ingredients: Deltamethrin, pyriproxyfen
  • Months of Protection: Six


  • Fully waterproof (versus water-resistant)
  • Also kills fleas, flea eggs, lice, and repels mosquitos
  • Comes in a year’s supply


  • Limited sizes

While many collars are just water-resistant, the TevraPet Activate II Flea and Tick Collar is completely waterproof. That added protection can be helpful for water-loving dogs or even those who frequently get bathed with their collar on. Each collar in this two-pack lasts for six months, providing up to 12 months of protection for a single dog.

We like that this collar can take on so many pests, including ticks, adult fleas, flea eggs, and lice. It even repels mosquitoes. While it’s not an all-in-one pest control solution, it’s an excellent start at protecting your dog from dangerous diseases. On the downside, it only comes in a single size that fits necks up to 23 inches.

Best Environmentally Friendly: Wondercide Flea and Tick Collar

Best Environmentally Friendly


  • Size(s): One
  • Active Ingredients: Cedarwood oil, peppermint oil
  • Months of Protection: Four


  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Prevents tick and flea infestations
  • Appealing peppermint scent


  • Repels but doesn’t kill ticks

If the thought of strapping insecticides to your dog makes you cringe, the Wondercide Flea and Tick Collar might be for you. This collar uses two natural essential oils—cedarwood and peppermint—to repel ticks and fleas. It’s water-resistant and fits necks up to 23 inches in circumference. It lasts up to four months and has a pleasant minty smell instead of the chemical scent you’ll get in other collars.

Unfortunately, it can’t eradicate an existing infestation of ticks or fleas, so there’s no killing. However, when coupled with other preventative measures, this collar can successfully keep ticks and insecticides away from your dog and family. This collar is also less likely to irritate your dog’s skin thanks to the lack of chemicals.

Best Pest Control System: Adams Flea and Tick Collar

Best Pest Control System


  • Size(s): One
  • Active Ingredients: Tetrachlorvinphos, methoprene
  • Time Effective: Seven


  • Can be used alongside other Adams flea and tick control products for inside and outside the home
  • Adjustability feature works well for larger necks
  • Low price for seven months of protection


  • Less effective without the help of other tick and flea control products

The Adams Flea and Tick Collar is effective at killing and preventing ticks. When used properly, it can keep ticks away for up to seven months, though the longevity often goes down with frequent exposure to water. All tick collars are adjustable, but this one gets bonus points for the ease of adjustability, especially for larger dogs. We also like that it comes at an affordable price for seven months of protection.

Note that the collar does an even better job when used alongside other products in the Adams tick and flea prevention line, including sprays for both inside and outside of the house.

Best Budget: Hartz UltraGuard Pro Reflective Flea and Tick Collar

Best Budget


  • Size(s): One
  • Active Ingredients: Tetrachlorvinphos, methoprene
  • Months of Protection: Seven


  • Reflects light up to 450 feet
  • Kills ticks, fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae
  • Fits larger dogs with necks up to 26 inches
  • Affordable price for seven months of protection


  • One size fits all may not work for all dog breeds

The Hartz UltraGuard Pro Reflective Flea and Tick Collar does more than attack ticks and fleas. This collar’s reflective design adds another layer of protection when it gets dark by reflecting light up to 450 feet. At the same time, its blend of insecticides can kill and prevent infestations of ticks and fleas and kill flea larvae and eggs before they become more problematic. Plus, the price makes it extremely affordable for pet owners, especially if you have multiple dogs. It can last for up to seven months.

This water-resistant collar has a one-size-fits-all design, fitting necks up to 26 inches in circumference. However, the one-size design may not work for smaller breeds or those with narrower heads.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Tick Collar

Tick collars use active ingredients like imidacloprid or flumethrin to kill ticks before they can burrow into your dog’s skin. They’re easy to put on and typically last a few months. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before you strap one on your dog.

Dog Size and Head Shape

Tick collars come in sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes. Take a good look at the shape of your dog’s head. Greyhounds, whippets, and other breeds with narrow heads may need a collar with more adjustability to prevent your dog from slipping the collar off. If your dog is a bit of a collar escape artist, you might want to consider a backup tick protection method, like flea and tick home spray.

Medical History

Dogs can have adverse skin reactions to tick collars, especially if your dog already has sensitive skin. Certain medications can make your dog’s skin more sensitive, so check with your veterinarian before deciding on a collar.


Flea collars can lose their potency prematurely if exposed to water frequently. If your dog can’t stay out of the lake or pool, you may need to replace the flea collar more frequently or use a backup flea prevention method, like a topical flea and tick treatment.


Check the age requirements for the collar. Most aren’t designed for puppies younger than 12 weeks, though some are safe for pups just over 7 months old. Check the collar’s label for age or size recommendations.


Some pests are more common in certain areas of the country. Know what kinds of parasites and pests you’re trying to keep away from your dog to make sure you get a collar that specifically targets them.


Q: How long do you leave a tick collar on?

The longevity of the collar depends on many factors, including the brand and your dog’s habits. Some brands can last up to eight months, but if your dog swims fairly often, that time will go down significantly. Read through the manufacturer’s recommendations, and expect the collar to last a few months. Replace it when recommended to prevent uninvited guests in your dog’s coat.

Q: Do tick collars need to be worn all the time?

Your dog should wear a tick collar at all times during tick season, whatever that looks like in your climate and area. If you take the collar off, your dog’s protection will slowly go down and he could get a tick. Outside dogs are more at risk, but any dog that’s outside for any amount of time can get a tick.

Q: What months should dogs wear tick collars?

The months your dog should wear a tick collar depends on where you live. If you live on the West Coast or in the South (United States), your dog probably needs a tick collar year-round. Areas like the Northeast and Midwest only have ticks during the warmer months of the year—usually April or May through November to December.

Best Tick Collars for Dogs: Final Thoughts

A tick collar that’s snug but not uncomfortable and slowly releases substances that kill and repel ticks can keep your dog comfortable and disease-free for months. A tick collar’s lifespan varies by the brand but also by your dog’s habits, so keep that in mind when deciding on the type and the replacement schedule. Of all the best tick collars for dogs out there, we like the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar the best, thanks to its effectiveness and long-lasting protection.

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