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Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for the angler in your life is hard. Cheesy Hallmark cards and flowers just won’t cut it for Dad, especially when what he really wants is to get out on the water and wet a line. If you can’t make that happen on Father’s Day, these gifts are the next best thing. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best Father’s Day fishing gifts that go beyond the basic rod and reel, including some super cool and creative gifts any fisherman will love. Dad will be thrilled to unwrap any of these, whether it’s a Yeti gear case for all his bait and tackle, a castable Garmin fish finder, or the ultimate fillet knife from Benchmade.

Huk Rogue Wave Boots

Of all the fishing boots we’ve tested here at Field & Stream, the Huk Rogue Waves remain one of our favorite pairs. The slip-on deck boots seem to have everything we’d want in our fishing footwear. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, all while protecting you from the elements with thick waterproof neoprene. And of course, they have some incredible traction on the sole for navigating wet and slippery surfaces.

Columbia PFG Hoodie

If your dad spends a lot of time on the water, the PFG Solar Stream Hoodie is the perfect gift. This lightweight hoodie is super stylish and packed with features that will help keep him cool and comfortable while reeling them in. It is built with Omni-Shade Broad Spectrum Air Flow technology, which blocks harmful UV rays and has superb sweat-wicking and cooling qualities.  The Skin Cancer Foundation approves the technology, so you know this is the real deal. Other cool, angler-friendly features include a zip-closed security pocket and a built-in cleaning patch for your sunglasses on the bottom hem.

Yeti LoadOut GoBox 30 Gear Case

The YETI GoBox 30 Gear Case is more than just your ordinary gear case. It’s dustproof, waterproof, and virtually indestructible, making it a reliable companion for any outdoor adventure. Its versatility is unmatched-while it doesn’t hold ice, it will hold just about anything else. It offers impeccable organization with a removable cargo tray, a convenient divider, and plenty of pockets. It works as a gearbox, camp pantry, heavy-duty tackle box, or even a secret place to store his favorite whiskey. The possibilities are endless. 

Field & Stream Al’s Hat

This laidback Field & Stream hat was inspired by one of our most legendary fishing editors, Albert J. McClane (a.k.a. Al). Not only did he hold the title for nearly 30 years, he’s also fished in more than 140 countries. Maybe some of his luck will rub off on Dad when he pulls on this cap.

Berkley Finisher

If your dad is anything like mine, he firmly believes you can never have too many fishing lures. However, the Berkley Finisher isn’t your standard hard bait. It offers dynamic, realistic action that can be aimed anywhere in the water column and is optimized for use with forward-facing sonar. It glows on modern sonar like a neon sign, allowing Dad to adjust his presentation to the reaction of whatever fish he’s targeting. The Finisher also has a weight-forward design that facilitates precision casts, fast drop-ins, and a wide range of actions to draw a strike out of even super moody largemouths.

Garmin Striker Cast Castable Sonar

No matter where he’s fishing—whether it’s the open seas or the river bank—Dad will be able to find his next catch with this Garmin castable fish finder. The waterproof sonar device pairs seamlessly to an app on his phone so he can view fish and structure in real time from up to 200 feet away. It runs for up to 10 hours on a single charge and works as well in deep water as it does in shallow.

Oru Kayak Beach LT

Helping Dad get out on the water more is a surefire ticket to favorite child status, and you can do just that by gifting him the Beach LT foldable kayak. This thing folds up origami-style so Dad can just pitch it in the trunk and head out to fish; no roof rack or boat trailer required. It is lightweight (a meager 25 pounds), super portable, surprisingly durable, and can hold 300 pounds. 

Benchmade Fishcrafter Fillet Knife

Benchmade’s new Water Series is a collection of knives designed specifically for use on and around the water. And the Fishcrafter fillet knife is the standout for the dad who spends his time fishing or boating. Featuring a flexible yet sturdy 7-inch CPM-MagnaCut steel blade, it’s great for cleaning, filleting, and deboning.

Pelican Backpack Cooler

Like most of Pelican’s gear, the Dayventure Backpack Soft Cooler is overbuilt in all the best ways. It has a super rugged 840D nylon outer shell with double-coated TPU, making it almost indestructible. The compartments provide plenty of space for storage, and the inner walls feature high-density, closed-cell foam for excellent insulation. This thing will keep a six-pack ice cold all day. It also features padded shoulder straps, a sternum strap, and a vented mesh back panel so Dad can get it to and from his favorite honey hole easily and comfortably. 

Folding Fishing Rod Case

Rodeel’s Fishing Rod Case is the perfect gift for gear-obsessed dads. If your pop is the sort of angler who has a tough time deciding what he needs to bring on a fishing trip, this case will allow him to bring all the things. Made of water and wear-resistant canvas, this storage bag holds up to six rods (four on the inside and two on the outside) and has plenty of space for extra reels, tackle, and other fishing equipment inside. 

Montana Fly Company Boat Box

The outside of the Montana Fly Company’s Boat Box is built to survive serious abuse. You could drop this box from a boat, a truck, or maybe even an airplane, and it will barely flinch. The inside features plush foam patches to keep an insane amount of flies in all hook sizes safe and completely organized. This large, suitcase-style waterproof box is available in four colors (Burnt Orange, Light Olive, Olive, and Tan).

Floating Fishing Net 

Engineered to be angler—and fish-friendly, Aventik’s Floating Fishing Net is made of high-tech carbon fiber. It is super lightweight and plenty durable, has a handy non-slip handle, and floats, which is a great feature whether Dad prefers fishing from a bass boat or waders. The rubber-coated mesh net is also easy on fish and built to prevent tangled lines and hook snags.  

Sitka Sun Hat

Every dad needs a great fishing hat, and the Sitka Sun Hat is one of the best. This hat is not only stylish, but it also has a dark underbrim to help curb eye strain in bright fishing conditions. Made from quick-dry cordura, it is sturdy and durable and quickly dries, whether soaked in sweat or rain. It also features Polygiene Odor Control Technology to help mitigate that tell-tale days-long fishing funk.

Field & Stream Cover Print

If he’s been a longtime reader of Field & Stream, he’ll cherish this vintage cover print from our February 1969 issue. It features a father-daughter fishing duo on the front—perfect for the holiday. You can get it as a framed print or even get it on wood, metal, or canvas.

Simms G3 Guide Waders

If Dad has been wanting a new pair of waders, the Simms G3 Guide is hard to beat. So hard to beat, in fact, that Field & Stream’s editor-in-chief, Colin Kearns, dubbed them the best fly fishing waders he’s ever worn. The triple-layer Gore-Tex shell manages to be completely waterproof yet breathable all at once and the overall fit is designed for maximum comfort and mobility. Other highlights include reinforced gravel guards, lots of pockets, and easily adjustable suspenders.

Don’t be fooled by this pint-sized speaker. Despite its petite proportions, the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker packs a powerful punch. This waterproof, dustproof portable speaker produces loud, clear sound with shockingly deep bass. Not only is its sound quality out of this world but it is also built for the outdoors. It features a rubberized silicone exterior that does a fine job of resisting drops, dents, cracks, and scratches. The SoundLink Micro makes a great fishing companion, allowing your father to wirelessly enjoy his favorite tunes while on the water, even if that includes cheesy 80s techno-pop. 

Helinox Sunset Chair

The Helinox Sunset Chair allows Dad to fish the shoreline in total comfort. It features a compact, lightweight, collapsible frame and shock-corded poles that lock the frame into place for easy set-up. But this thing is far more comfortable than the old camp chair Dad used to tote to your little league baseball games. Featuring a high back for increased neck and shoulder support and longer leg poles that make it easier to get in and out, the Sunset Chair is like the Lazy Boy of fishing seats. 

Garmin Instinct 2S Solar Smartwatch

This rugged GPS watch is built to withstand harsh environments and rough use. It is built to U.S. military standards for thermal, shock, and water resistance (rated to 100 meters). It features a built-in three-axis compass, GPS tracking, and a barometric altimeter. The Instinct 2S also has a trackback feature so anglers can easily find their way back to the truck or the dock. It also tracks Dad’s heart rate, activity, and stress levels, which should be low when he’s enjoying a fine day of fishing. 

Forloh AllClima Rain Jacket

Although FORLOH stands for “FOR Love Of Hunting,” their rain gear is perfect for fishing, especially when the adventure takes Dad well off the beaten path. This lightweight jacket has impressive weather resistance and breathability stats. It is also fitted with RECCO passive search and rescue technology. RECCO uses integrated electronic transponders that make the wearer easily searchable to rescuers with RECCO directional radar emitters. The tech could be a literal lifesaver if Dad’s fishing trip unexpectedly turns disastrous. 

Bait Towel

These durable antimicrobial microfiber towels conveniently clip right to Dad’s belt loop, fishing pole, or the handle of his tackle box via an included carabiner, so he never has to search for a spot to wipe his hands. They remove blood, slime, bait, and everything else with a single swipe and dries fast. The Bait Towel even has built-in microbe fighters to prevent musty, mildewy fishing odors. 

Fisherman Hand Scrub

Slimy, fishy-smelling hands are a normal part of any angling experience. Fisherman Hand Scrub is specially formulated to cut through and eliminate the toughest odors and stains faster and more thoroughly than washing with regular soap and water. Made in small batches from walnut husk, natural soap, and lemon essential oil at MacKenzie’s New England location, Fisherman Hand scrub is completely biodegradable and won’t harm Dad’s beloved waterways.

Buff UV Neck Gaiter

While neckwear might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about fishing gear, Buff’s CoolNet UV line-up of lightweight, multifunctional neck scarves makes fantastic gifts for any angler. Made from 95% recycled plastic, Buff neckwear delivers UPF 50 certified sun protection from UV radiation produced by the sun. It also features evaporative cooling properties to help Dad stay comfortably cool even in extreme summer heat.

Waterproof Submersible Backpack

Since fishing is generally a watery affair, a waterproof backpack like the Fogland Backpack from Breakwater Supply is the perfect gift for keeping Dad’s stuff nice and dry. It is fully submersible and even floats, so if it goes overboard, Dad doesn’t have to string together quite as many curse words. The pack has a super roomy interior, dry suit-grade air and water-tight zippers, and plenty of compartments for organization. 

Deeper Pro+ Castable Fish Finder

Give Dad the superpower he’s always dreamed of — the ability to find the fish pretty much anywhere with this portable castable fish finder. The Deeper Pro+ connects seamlessly to his smartphone and provides real-time data on fish and structure via the app. It has a built-in GPS that lets anglers create maps and charts, and it has an impressively long casting range. 

Wiley X Gravity Sunglasses 

While Wiley Gravity is available in several mix-and-match frame and lens styles, we highly recommend the brand’s CAPTIVATE Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses. The lenses are engineered to filter light, enhance colors, and increase contrast and clarity. It’s like giving Dad the angling superpower he’s always dreamed of — the ability to spot underwater fish better than Clark Kent. 

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