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It’s no secret that we’re a little obsessed with turkeys here at Field & Stream. Between the lot of us, we have decades of experience out in the turkey woods, and we’ve all had our fair share of wins and losses. As such, like any hunter, we’ve each come to have that one piece of gear we never leave home without, whether it’s the box call our dad taught us on or that one ground blind that actually keeps us hidden.

With gobblers on our mind, we polled some of our staffers for their favorite turkey hunting gear below, whether it’s their go-to good luck charm or just something that makes the hunt more enjoyable. From the expected (like the Sita Equinox turkey vest) to the unexpected (a Thermacell portable mosquito repeller), these are our top picks season after season.

Field & Stream engagement editor Anna Richardson sitting with turkey after hunting
Our engagement editor after a successful hunt. (Photo/Anna Richardson)

Dead End Batwing 2 Mouth Call

“I never step into the turkey woods with out a Dead End Batwing 2 mouth call. Why? Well, just as there are horses for courses, there are call makers for callers. I can cluck and purr on just about any double-reed call, for example, but it sounds so much more like the real thing when I use a Dead End Batwing 2. It might be a different brand for you; that’s why you try several. But my advice: Try this one.” —Dave Hurteau, Executive Editor

Sitka Equinox Turkey Vest

“I’m a run-and-gun turkey hunter. It’s my favorite way to chase gobblers, but its also very tiring, especially because I mostly hunt in the mountains. That’s why I love the Sitka Equinox turkey vest so much—it is ultra-light and easy to carry, even when I’m climbing steep terrain. I don’t know how Sitka managed to make such a low-profile turkey vest without sacrificing critical storage compartments and a comfortable seat—but I love it. Now my shoulders only hurt when I have to carry a tom miles back to the truck, and I can live with that.” —Ryan Chelius, Senior Editor

Maven RF.1 Rangefinder

“My most important piece of gear for hunting turkeys is my Maven RF.1 7X25 rangefinder. It might be an unlikely choice, but it keeps me from making a critical mistake by shooting at (and missing) turkeys that are beyond the reach of my 12 gauge 870. It’s a mistake that’s cost me birds before, and now I never head into the turkey woods with out the RF1 in my pack. It’s particularly useful when hunting birds in heavy timber because it has an easy-to-use ‘Forest Mode’ that helps the laser penetrate through dense cover and brush.” —Travis Hall, Associate Editor

Hunters Specialties Ground Blind

“The Hunters Specialties ground blind weighs next to nothing and rolls up to ride in the gamebag of my vest. It takes seconds to set up, and at 27 inches high and eight feet long, it’s just tall and long enough to held hide me and let me stretch my legs unseen on long waits.” —Phil Bourjaily, Shotguns Editor

Mossy Oak Strap Vest

“Apart from the essential shotgun and shells, my favorite piece of gear for hitting the turkey woods is my vest. My vest is a Mossy Oak Strap Vest that was introduced in Spring of 1990. It holds a nostalgic a place in my heart- just as Field & Stream does. It is a part of me every time I chase the bird I love!” —Tyler Davis, VP of Branding

Lynch’s Fool Proof Turkey Box Call

“I’m a sentimental turkey hunter, so I’d have my Lynch’s Fool Proof Box Call – It was my dad’s when he was a teenager, and my dad is who taught me everything I know in the turkey woods, so I carry it regardless if it is used or not. It is no longer made, because it has the original patent date and number etched into it. It’s a special piece that I never leave the house without. Also comes in handy when locating birds.” —Anna Richardson, Engagement Editor

Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repeller

“Few things ruin a hunt faster than a swarm of mosquitos buzzing around or magically teleporting to the inside of your face mask. Since the arrival of the spring turkey season in the Southeast coincides with the grand awakening of mosquitos, gnats, ticks, and all other things creepy-crawly, I never venture into the woods to hunt without a Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repeller. All you have to do is push a button on the side to emit a synthetic allethrin formula that wards off pesky bugs so you can focus on calling in those big gobblers. I keep mine tethered to my turkey vest, so it’s always within easy reach.” —Alice Jones Webb, Contributing Writer

Vortex Crossfire HD Binoculars

“Because I hunt a lot of open fields, my Vortex Crossfire HD Binoculars (10x42mm) are my must-have item in my vest. These superior optics and magnification allow me to scout distant gobblers and pinpoint their movements , giving me a strategic advantage in the hunt. My binoculars are the go-to tool I rely on for success in the field.” —Bethany Beathard, Contributing Writer

The Waldrop PackSeat

A turkey hunting seat sits in a grassy field with woods in the background.
Richard Mann

Turkey hunters live by their feet and their behinds; they cover lots of ground to find their bird and then sit long periods waiting for him. Keeping both dry and comfortable makes for a more enjoyable and more successful hunt. I stumbled on what may be one of the best hunting seats ever devised. It’s 100 percent made in USA, it’s incredibly light, silent as a whisper, and as comfortable as an easy chair. The Waldrop Pack Seat keeps your backside dry, up away from the ticks and chiggers, and it puts your muzzle on the level of a big gobbler’s head. They also offer a deer hunting version that sits a bit higher—high enough to shoot a bow from—and both can be had with a game bag that allows you to pack your deer or turkey out of the timber. —Richard Mann, Shooting Columnist