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In the words of Morgan himself, sometimes you just need a lake and a little bit of bait—and a sweet hat (or T-shirt or hoodie) to wear during your roddin’ and reelin’. And for that, let us introduce you to the new line of Field & Stream merch.

The limited-edition Icons Collection is inspired by all the greats of Field & Stream, from writers and editors to conservationists and outdoorsmen. You’ll find vintage camo hats, perfectly lived-in tees, and laidback sweatshirts in a range of colors and styles available while supplies last. Whether it’s a hunting cap or a logo tee, these pieces are designed for any outdoor adventure, whether you’re fly fishing on the river or heading out to your honey hole.

Hunting Gear photo

To help you choose from all the awesome swag, we had each of our editors pick their favorite piece below. And right now, you can get 15 percent off everything in the collection when you sign up to our newsletter (don’t worry, we won’t spam you). Be sure to shop the merch sooner rather than later—things are selling fast.

1871 Club Members Hat

OK, technically I’m cheating here a bit, because my actual favorite item in the Icons Collection is the Trueblood Tee in orange. That’s my new go-to shirt. But a close second is the 1871 Club Member’s Only hat—because not only is this a good-looking lid, but it also comes with a subscription to the all-new F&S magazine. Only those who selects the Founders Circle option on their membership into the 1871 Club will receive this hat (along with some other cool surprises), making this hat ultra-limited edition. —Colin Kearns, Editor-in-Chief

Hilly’s Hoodie

I live in hoodies, whether I’m around the campfire, out in the woods, on the boat, or even just in the backyard. And this is one of those sweatshirts meant for, well, living in. Named after one of our most popular writers, Gene Hill, it’s as comfy as it is durable, just waiting for a chilly fall morning or a breezy summer evening. —Amanda Oliver, Executive Editor of Commerce

Legacy Tee

We are going back to our roots and nothing says Field & Stream more than The Legacy Tee. It is simple, classic, and encapsulates everything I love about F&S. Plus, it comes in an off-white cream color, which gives it a vintage look—just like the new Field & Stream. —Ryan Chelius, Senior Editor

Uncle Robert’s Hat

If you’re renown enough, people may know you by your first name only. And if you’re revered enough, they might put “Uncle” in front of it. Bob Brister, F&S’s legendary shooting editor from 1972 into the 90s, was both when I started at the magazine. He was known by the staff, and by many readers, as Uncle Robert. I never met him in person, but whenever I talked to him on the phone, he was just who an Uncle Robert ought to be: kind, knowing, quick with advice, and full of stories. I’ll think of him when I wear this. Plus, it’s just a good-looking hat. —Dave Hurteau, Executive Editor

Trueblood Tee

I’m a big fan of the Trueblood Tee. It comes in two fun design options, and the name pays homage to legendary F&S writer Ted Trueblood. Beneath the logo, just above the 1871, there’s a smiling angler hoisting a trophy fish. At the end of the day, that simple scene is what F&S is all about: Reveling in your time afield and sharing those memories with others. —Travis Hall, Associate Editor