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Nothing cuts your time outdoors short faster than freezing cold fingers or numb toes. Whether you’re sitting in the blind, hiking a trail, or setting up camp, staying warm in winter weather can be tough—which is why you need some good hand warmers. Right now, you can get the popular HotHands hand warmers on sale at Amazon for up to 60 percent off. Not only that, you can also save big on HotHands toe, body, and insole warmers.

Below are the best deals on HotHands hand warmers going on today. The disposable hand warmers are some of our favorites thanks to how quickly they heat up and how long they last. They should keep your hands, feet, and body nice and toasty for hours on end. Get $38 off a 40-pack of HotHands toe warmers or snag a value pack of HotHands hand warmers for just $6.

Best Deals on HotHands Hand, Toe, and Body Warmers