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A good flashlight is a must-have for any outdoors adventurer, whether you’re into hunting, fishing, camping, or backpacking. And if you want to upgrade your portable lighting equipment, you’re in luck. Right now, you can get the LE LED 140-Lumen Flashlight for just $7 at Amazon. That’s a savings of nearly half off.

According to nearly 30,000 people, there’s a lot to love about this LED flashlight. Not only does it have a bright 140 lumens of light, it’s also waterproof, highly portable thanks to its compact size and light weight, and even zoomable. “You can zoom in with the light, making the light smaller and more concentrated,” one person explains. “It is very bright, great area coverage and light to handle.”

We doubt this deal will last very long—this is the lowest price the flashlight has ever been. So if you want to grab one for yourself, it’s best to add to your cart sooner rather than later.