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Follow our full coverage of the latest and most talked-about new archery equipment for 2023, including compound bows, crossbows, bow sights, broadheadsaccessories, and more. 

There are always plenty of bowhunting accessories on display at the annual Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show, which is taking place in Indianapolis this week. But few draw as much attention and exhibit as much innovation each year as bow sights. Besides broadheads, sights get the lion’s share of the accessory buzz.

For good reason. Unless you shoot your compound instinctively, a bow sight is a must-have accessory. But not just any sight will do if you want to shoot your best. The latest models are built tougher and to tighter tolerances, with precision adjustments to help you get dialed-in like never before. Whether you need a sight for a brand-new bow or are just ready to upgrade from your existing model, now is a great time to buy, because the newest crop of bow sights in hitting the market as we speak, and it doesn’t disappoint. For 2023, manufacturers are doubling down on the trend toward two- and three-pin sliders with either a single vertical post or stacked vertical posts. There are also plenty of new riser-mounting options, along with standard bracket and dovetail mounting. Here are the nine hottest new bow sights for 2023.

Spot-Hogg Fast Eddie PM

new bow sights 2023 Spot-Hogg
If your bow’s riser has a Pic rail, this sight is made for you. Spot-Hogg

Sporting a Pic-Mount bar that attaches to the Picatinny-rail system on many of the latest compound bows, Spot-Hogg’s new Fast Eddie PM is machined from 6061 aluminum and finished with fade-, chip-, and scratch-resistant Type II anodized hard coat. The Pic-mount eliminates the need for a mounting block and screws, which reduces weight and makes for a more streamlined and rock-solid sight-to-riser connection. The Fast Eddie PM has 2nd- and 3rd-axis leveling, a fast and easy to read yardage dial, and horizontal micro adjustments. The sight is available with Spot-Hogg’s Single Pin, Double Pin, Triple Stack, and 3-, 5-, or 7-Pin MRT housings.

Custom Bow Equipment Trek

new bow sights CBE
CBE’s new Trek sight retails for right around $250. Custom Bow Equipment

Available in 1-, 3-, or 5-pin configurations, CBE’s new Trek features 12 inches of fiber optics protected within the sight’s Blade Pin design in .010″ or .019″ sizes. Ready to handle any distance or lighting condition, the Trek allows the user to sight in at 30 and 60 yards and then attach one of the 14 laser-engraved aluminum sight tapes to ensure maximum accuracy at every distance in between. Thanks to the sight’s dual indicators, you can also set up two floating pins instead of just one for medium and longer-range shooting. The Trek also has micro-adjustable windage and elevation knobs, a Dead Stop feature that allows you to instantly return to the home position, and a Rapid Drive for ultra-fast adjustment. The Trek features 2nd- and 3rd-axis adjustment and is compatible with quiver mounts so shooters can avoid bracket extensions.

Redline The Torch

new bow sights 2023 Redline Torch
Redline’s latest, called The Torch, starts about $300. Redline Archery

Redline created some buzz in 2022 with its RL series of bow sights, and for 2023 the company is backing that up with The Torch. Available with a fixed bracket (11 ounces) or dovetail (13 ounces), The Torch is a highly versatile sight that should fit the needs of just about any bowhunter, regardless of terrain or species. A 4 Stage Sight Light offers customizable pin brightness, and Dual Vertical Pins provide two floating pin configured in a way to minimize target obstruction. The sight comes with 40 metal yardage tapes, and the Dual Gear Driven design makes elevation adjustments quick and smooth. The Torch comes with a trio of interchangeable bubble levels (green, red, blue), and an innovative Adjustable Hard Stop feature on the wheel slider allows you to instantly flip to a preset yardages.

Dialed Archery ARXOS MAG-3V

new bow sights 2023 Dialed Archery
Dialed Archery’s new AR MAG-3V is a highly customizable sight starting at around $500. Dialed Archery

A new-comber to the bow-sight game, Dialed Archery gives bowhunters the ability to build a custom sight on its website. You can choose your tape location (inside or outside), frame color, wheel color, housing, housing color, and pin size. Riser attachment options are also customizable, including Picatinny-rail and dovetail options. The ARXOS Series with MAG-3V pins features the company’s VOID Dial Wheel with Angled Elevation System, which lets you sight in to maximum yardages without getting into issues with arrow and vane clearance. The MAG-3V housing has a trio of pins on a single vertical post with the leveling bubble at the top of the housing.

Trophy Ridge Digital React One Pin with Mathews Bridge-Lock

new bow sights 2023, Trophy Ridge
The new Digital React with Bridge-Lok sells for about $400. Trophy Ridge

Weighing in at only 12 ounces, Trophy Ridge’s latest Digital React One Pin has been designed specifically for Mathews compound bow risers with Bridge-Lock Technology, an ingenious mounting system in which the sight’s bracket simply slides into a recess in the back of the riser and is secured there. The One Pin has Trophy Ridge’s innovative and proven React Technology, which significantly reduces sight-in time. According to Trophy Ridge, archers can be dialed in from 20 to 100 yards in 10 minutes. The vertical React floating pin is available in .010″ or .019″.

AXCEL Archery Landslyde Carbon Pro with Ranger Ring Pin

new bow sights 2023 Axcel
Axcel’s newest Landslyde sight with the Ranger Ring Pin retails for about $450. Axcel Archery

Axcel’s excellent Landslyde Carbon Pro sight is now being offered with the new-for-2023 Ranger Ring Pin, a swappable pin-assembly cartridge that’s available as standard on a new sight or sold separately if you want to change out the pin on your current Landslyde. The new cartridge fits into the company’s AVX scope housing and has two aiming references, a green top pin and a red bottom pin. It comes with eight two-sided metal sight tapes, but works with any of the company’s tapes. The Ranger Ring Pin is offered in .019″ and .010″ pin sizes for the AVX 31 and AXV 41 scope sizes. The Landslyde Carbon Pro sports an ultra-smooth quick-adjust knob that archers can use to dial to precise yardages or for rapid adjustment by pressing the elevation knob in and sliding the head of the sight up or down.

Black Gold Mountain Lite Dual Trac

new bow sights 2023 Black Gold
The new Black Gold Mountain Lite Dual Trac sight goes for about $400. Black Gold Archery

Black Gold’s newest is a two-pin vertical sight that gives bowhunters a pair of aiming points and maximum housing visibility and movement. Designed to help keep overall bow weight down while boosting maneuverability, the Mountain Lite’s base is compact and super-lightweight. The .019″ Pro Pins have a narrower pin throat and rounded pin head that creates less target obstruction. The Dial of Death feature allows archers to instantly dial to pre-determined yardages with a dual-indicator system for short and long yardage reference. The Mountain Lite Dual Trac comes with 54 sight tapes, and the PhotoChromatic shell perfectly adapts pin brightness to any lighting condition.

HHA Tetra Max RYZ

new bow sights 2023 HHA
HHA’s new Tretra Max RYZ starts at about $440. HHA Archery

The new Tretra Max RYZ gives bowhunters and 3D shooters a top-tier sight with a 1.625-inch housing that contains a green primary pin and a red or yellow (shooters choice) secondary pin set on a single vertical post. With 2.1 inches of travel, the Tetra Max RYZ features Dual Yardage Pointers and multiple water-resistant long-distance yardage tapes so you get get perfectly dialed in on short and long-range shots. The yardage wheel is smooth and removable, and the sight is lightweight and lens compatible.

TRUGLO Veros 3-Pin

new bow sights 2023 Truglo
For 2023, Truglo’s Veros is available in a 3-pin configuration. Truglo

The argument over how many pins are just right for bowhunting will never be settled, but the truth is that three pins is all many hunters—and especially whitetail hunters—will ever need, and fewer pins means a less-obstructed view of your target. For all of those reasons, Truglo is now offering their Veros sight in a 3-pin version. The sight’s RizeWrap clear housing increases light exposure to the fiber-optic, which combined with the Pro-Brite pin design ensures excellent low-light performance. Mid-bracket elevation and windage adjustments make sighting in easy, and the Tru-Touch soft feel technical coating reduces game-spooking noise.