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Every year, there’s a truckload of new handguns introduced. Some represent nothing but small changes to existing models and some are new guns all together. The new crop for 2024 is no different, including more tweaks, upgrades, and introductions than most folks would want to read about in one article. So, we combed through the sea of options with an eye toward highlighting the newest and best handguns suited to the outdoors. This isn’t as easy as you might think because an outdoorsmen can use just about any handgun, for everything from hunting to trail carry to personal protection. Still, we’ve narrowed the field to what we think is best for those who live the outdoor lifestyle—and it’s still whole lot of new handguns to consider. So, let’s get right into it.

Top New Handguns for 2024

Colt Blued Pythons

Colt has introduced two new Pythons—one with a 6-inch barrel and one with a 4.5-inch barrel—both with the Colt blued finish and checkered walnuts grips. Colt

The worst thing about 2020 was COVID; the best thing was Colt’s reintroduction of the Python. The first version had a 6-inch barrel, the second version had a 4.25-inch barrel, and the most recent before now, which we selected as best for the outdoorsman in a recent test, had a 3-inch barrel. All three had a brilliant and bright stainless-steel finish, but now Colt has introduced another 6- and 4.25-inch Python, and these have that wonderful and wet-looking Colt blued finish and come with checkered walnut grips that sport the gold Colt medallion. With a MSRP of $1,599, they’re pricey, but I expect they won’t hang around long at gun stores. Although it’s unlikely we’ll see it from Colt, I’m holding out for the once-popular custom dual-tone “Pinto”—blued and stainless—Python like Robert Blake’s character carried in the 1973 movie Electra Glide in Blue.

Diamondback SDR

Diamonback’s new compact 2-inch-barreled revolver is chambered for 38 Special/357 Mag. Diamondback

Well-known for their AR-15 rifles and ultra-compact pistols, Diamondback has recently begun building revolvers. Their newest is the SDR, which is built on a forged stainless-steel frame and is chambered for 38 Special/357 Magnum. This is a compact, 2-inch barreled revolver that weighs in at 21.2 ounces. It features a fiber-optic front sight and a snag-free semi-auto-pistol-style rear sight that’s dovetailed into the frame. The finish is polished stainless, and unlike some compact 357 Magnum revolvers that only have a five-round capacity, the SDR holds six. It can be fired in single- or double-action mode and comes with a comfortable, recoil-absorbing rubber grip. This revolver could live in a hunting pack, a tackle box, your truck’s glove box, or on your hip. The MSRP is $777.

Glock G29 & G30

The new G30, left, is chambered for 45 Auto, and the new G29 is in 10mm. Glock

Compact Glock pistols are generally considered personal-protection handguns for concealed carry. They work great for that, but more and more hunters are also carrying them in addition to their rifles or bows for protection in the backcountry, and Glock has two new offerings for 2024. The first is the G29 chambered for the 10mm Auto. This pistol has a 3.78-inch barrel, a 10-round capacity, and weighs 32.80 ounces fully loaded. The second is the G30, which is similarly sized but is chambered for the 45 Auto. It also has a 3.78-inch barrel, a 10-round capacity, and fully loaded weighs in at 33.69 ounces. Both are small enough for comfortable carry, and would be ideal as a camp gun. The MSRP for both is $647.

Military Armament Corporation Inglis High Power

The new Inglis High Power is a very close and affordable replica of the L9A1 Browning HiPower. Military Armament Corporation Inglis

There are three iconic pistols that qualify as general-purpose handguns and very likely always will. There’s the 1911, the Glock, and the Browning HiPower. When Browning discontinued the HiPower in 2018, everyone thought it was the end of an era. But the popularity of the P35 would not let it die, and with the help of firearms manufactures in Turkey, there are now more HiPower options available than ever before. The latest is the reincarnation of the famous Inglis HiPower from SDS Imports. Four versions will be offered with prices ranging from $490 to $650. The first and least-expensive will be a replica—right down to the lanyard loop—of the L9A1 version used by British Commonwealth forces from 1962 until 2013. The most expensive version will feature a case hardened frame.

Nighthawk Fire Hawk

The Fire Hawk is an elegant new custom 1911 with a single-port compensator to help manage recoil and muzzle rise. Nighthawk

The custom 1911 pistol continues to thrive, and Nighthawk has added yet another model to their extensive custom line up. Their 5-inch Fire Hawk comes standard with all the wonderfulness you would expect from a $4,599 Nighthawk 1911 pistol, but what sets it apart is its single-port compensator to help tame recoil and muzzle rise. It also has a lightened slide to reduce reciprocating mass, and a one-piece flared magwell to simplify magazine insertion. Days of hand finishing go into the creation of each one of these pistols, which have a black Nitride finish and attractive Railscales Ascend grips. Available in either 9mm Luger or 45 Auto, it would make for a very elegant—and expensive—feral-hog whacker.

Ruger 75th Anniversary Mark IV Target Rimfire Pistol

This new Anniversary Mark IV pays tribute to Ruger’s original Standard 22 LR pistol. Ruger

The first firearm introduced by Sturm, Ruger & Co. was the Standard 22 LR pistol. It was the gun that laid the foundation for one of America’s largest and most storied makers. To celebrate their 75th anniversary, Ruger is introducing a special Mark IV pistol, which is the latest evolution of their original Standard pistol. It features a special “R75-XXXX” serial number, a laser engraved anniversary logo, a 6.88-inch barrel, an adjustable rear sight and tapered target front sight, and a blued-steel finish with checkered laminate wood grips. The pistol also comes in a special Anniversary box with an Anniversary decal. Many of today’s outdoorsmen grew up with a Ruger Standard pistol, and this is one that will bring back memories and that should be passed down to future shooters and hunters. Suggested retail is $599.

Ruger Super Redhawk 22 Hornet

The Super Redhawk is now available in 22 Hornet. Ruger

This pistol was introduced by Ruger just prior to the end of 2023. So, I’m calling it new enough to make the 2024 list—plus, it’s too cool to leave off. Ruger took their popular Super Redhawk revolver and chambered it for the 22 Hornet. With a 9.5-inch barrel and eight-round capacity, it has an overall length of 15 inches and weighs in at 66 ounces. The pistol has a statin-stainless finish, an adjustable rear sight, and a HiViz green fiber-optic front sight. The barrel has a 1-in- 9 rifling twist, and the grip is the super comfortable Hogue Tamer Monogrip. The 22 Hornet might seem like an odd choice for a large-frame revolver, but this pistol would be a blast on a prairie dog town, for calling predators, or it could also be fun—where legal—for handgun hunting wild turkeys. Suggested retail is $1499.00.

Springfield-Armory TRPs

For 2024, Springfield Armory had added six new 1911s to their lineup. Springfield Armory

Of all the different types of handguns, selecting a 1911 is probably the most difficult because there are so many. Springfield-Armory already has quite a few, and for 2024, they’ve added six more. Their new TRP 1911s are well-suited for personal protection, but they’re also 1911s, and you can do anything with a 1911. The TRP lines feature three 5-inch, and three 4.25-inch pistols, all well-appointed with common custom 1911 features, such as an ambidextrous safety, a beavertail grip, a checkered front strap and mainspring housing, front and rear grasping grooves, and a mag well. The 5- and 4.25-inch Classic versions do not have an accessory rail, but the 5- and 4.25 inch standard and CC versions do, and they’re available with either a Black or Coyote Brown Cerakote finish. Prices range from $1899 to $1999.

Tisas 1911 Duty & Carry

Both new 1911s from Tisas are well-appointed and affordable (as 1911s go). Tisas

What would another year of new handguns be without another new and affordable 1911? Of course, the 1911s of today—even the affordable ones—don’t look like the 1911s of only a few years ago. Many once-considered custom 1911 features are now standard, and that pretty much tells the story of the new Turkish-made, 5-inch Duty and 4.25-inch Carry 1911s in 9mm Luger from Tisas. Theses guns feature a skeletonized hammer and trigger, a 4140 forged frame and slide, dovetailed sights, 25 line-per-inch checkering, and an extended grip safety and magazine release. Both also have a 507k/RMSc optics cut in the slide for a miniature reflex sight. The 1911 is the ultimate general purpose pistol and both of these retail for just $799.99.

Tisas PX-5.7

Meet the latest pistol chambered for the 5.7x28mm. Tisas

I’m not sure anyone knows exactly what niche a pistol chambered for the 5.7x28mm cartridge fills, but one thing’s for sure, people like shooting them. This is partly because the 5.7 cartridge is blistering fast, flat shooting, generates minimal recoil, and capacity is high with most pistols. The new Tisas PX-5.7 pistol has a polymer frame, and the slide has an optics cut to fit the common RMSc footprint. But it also comes with fixed sights that include a fiber-optic front. With its 4-inch barrel and 20-round capacity, the PX-5.7 only weighs 25 ounces and measures 8.65 inches from front to rear. It also has an integrated Picatinny rail, and the magazine catch is reversible. What can you do with a PX-5.7? For starters you can try to shoot it while not smiling, but you could also use it for small-game hunting. MSRP is $499.99.