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While it was difficult to pinpoint a specific shotgun trend at this year’s SHOT Show, there’s something for every scattergunner in 2024—and some surprises too. Mossberg leaned into the trend for red dot optics on wing-shooting guns, which I never saw coming. On the other hand, I’ve been wondering when Browning would offer a 20-gauge A5, and now we have one, and people should love it.

There are several target guns on this list—the Franchi Affinity Sport/Trap, the Benelli Supersport AI, the CZ 712 G3, and the Stevens 555 Sporting—but I would classify them more as “crossovers guns” that fit just as well in the field as they do on the range. Any gun that encourages hunters to practice in the off-season or encourages target shooters to go hunting is a positive development. Here are the rest of the new shotguns for 2024.

Top New Shotguns for 2024

Browning 20-gauge A5

The new Browning 20-gauge A5 comes finished with Turkish walnut and blued metal. Browning

Browning almost single-handedly kick-started the 16-gauge revival with its A5 Sweet 16. Now they add a 20-gauge A5 to the lineup. The new smallbore has the same square-backed profile and an inertia system that not only shoots reliably, but also allows the gun to be made light and trimmed. The 3-inch 20-gauge A5 will handle a wide range of shells reliably, too. The first versions feature gloss-finished Turkish walnut with blued metal, and no doubt waterfowl versions and other line extensions will follow. This gun comes with stock shims, Browning’s Invector DS choke system, and an excellent Inflex recoil pad. The gun retails for $1979.

Mossberg Optic Ready Waterfowl Guns

The new Mossberg 940 Pro comes ready for a RMSc red dot optic. Mossberg

Some hunters have discovered that a red dot sight isn’t just for turkeys. It can help them hit flying targets, too. For those shooters, Mossberg offers three new 940 Pro semiautos. The guns feature a receiver cut that allows for a very low-mounted RMSc-pattern red dot sight so the shooter can keep their head on the gun while putting the dot on the target. They also have a filler plate if you choose not to use an optic. In all other ways, these two guns are the same 940s that have become dependable waterfowl workhorses: 3-inch, 12-gauge gas guns with top-mounted safeties, camo and Cerakote finishes, 28-inch barrels, extended chokes, and enlarged controls. The three versions are a standard waterfowl model in Mossy Oak Vintage Shadow Grass at $1246 and the 5- and 13-shot models designed for spring snow geese come in True Timber Viper Snow camo.

Fabarm L4S Allsport RS

Serious target shooters can tailor the new L4S Allsport RS for skeet, sporting clays, or trap. Fabarm

A reliable gas semiauto, the Italian-made Fabarm L4S now comes in an Allsport version, allowing you to handle every clay discipline with the same gun. An adjustable comb and two instantly interchangeable ribs let the gun’s owner change from a 50/50 point of impact to a 65/35 POI, giving it the versatility to go almost instantly from skeet or sporting gun to trap gun and back. It features Fabarm’s Tribore barrel and extended chokes to combine for target-crushing patterns. The 12-gauge gun has a gas system tuned for target loads, softening the already soft recoil of the L4S even more with appropriate ammo. The gun has walnut and blued furniture with light blue enamel accents. It has 30-inch barrels and comes in right-handed ($2750) and left-handed ($2950) models.

Beretta Silver Pigeon 5

The already popular Silver Pigeon over/under now features floral engraving on the receiver. Beretta

Beretta’s venerable 686/687 series is a worldwide favorite, as it should be due to its combination of pointability and bullet-proof design. The newly reintroduced Silver Pigeon V adds an elegant touch of deep floral engraving in a silver frame along with gloss-finished Class 3 wood. Inside, the gun has the same super-durable low-profile action that has been the hallmark of the 680 series forever, as well as Steelium/Optimabore HP barrels for improved patterning. This gun comes in 12-gauge Field and Sporting models. Both feature ventilated mid-ribs to cut resistance and a bit of weight. The sporting gun can be ordered with Beretta’s B-Fast adjustable comb and extended choke tubes. Field guns come in a choice of 28- or 30-inch barrels, while the target guns offer 30- or 32-inch tubes. There are left-handed and women’s “Vittoria” models as well. Prices range from $4399 for a field gun to $4899 for a target gun with B-Fast.

CZ – 712 G3 Target

The target version of the 712 G3 features a light recoil and a 3-inch chamber just in case you want to take it into the field. CZ

CZ follows up on last year’s 712 G3 gas semi-auto hunting gun with a companion target model. It has all the same features that distinguished the G3 from its predecessors, including a new receiver profile, stock shims, a bigger bolt handle and release, plus an enlarged safety and an easy-to-use bolt-lock button. The soft pad and recoil-reducing gas system make it easy on your shoulder even with its modest 7 1/3-pound weight. It comes with an adjustable comb and extended choke tubes. Although this is a target gun, it does feature a 3-inch chamber and interchangeable pistons for both light target loads and heavy hunting ammo, so it could absolutely have a place in the dove field or duck blind.  And, in my testing of the hunting model last year, the G3 712 has no problem cycling loads as light as 1200 fps, 7/8 ounce. It will retail for $799.

Stevens 555 Sporting

The new Stevens 555 Sporting retails for $989. Stevens

Stevens extends its lineup of lightweight, alloy-frame O/Us with new sporting models of its Turkish-made 555. Now, the gun is available in 20-gauge and .410 sporters as well as compact 12- and 20-gauge and .410 models. All the sporting guns feature silver receivers, raised ribs, ported barrels, adjustable combs, and extended choke tubes. The 20-gauge and .410 have 30- and 28-inch barrels, respectively, while the compact models have 26-inch barrels and stocks cut to 13 ¼-inches. All the guns have extractors. They also have 3-inch chambers and are light enough to double as field guns. The 555 Sporting retails for $989.

Tristar Phoenix

Tristar offers the Phoenix side by side in 12- and 20-gauges with a gloss-finished walnut stock and forearm.

Tristar has a new, affordable side-by-side for 2024. The Phoenix comes in 12- and 20-gauges and features a single selective trigger, extractors, and pistol grip. The stock is gloss-finished walnut, and the frame is case-colored for a traditional appearance. The guns have 28-inch barrels, and they have 3-inch chambers and come with five choke tubes, making them versatile guns that can handle a variety of hunting chores. The 12-gauge weighs 7 pounds, and the 20 is just a bit over 6 ½ pounds. This side-by-side is priced at $795.

Stoeger 3500 Predator/Turkey

As a dedicated turkey and predator gun, the 3500 comes with a rubber pistol grip and is pre-drilled for an optic. Stoeger

Stoeger’s 3500 3 ½-inch 12 gauge comes in a dedicated turkey/predator version designed to shoot large payloads for clean kills at longer ranges. The 3500 makes use of an inertia system and has a five-shell capacity, giving you plenty of firepower that predator hunters need. It has a 24-inch ported barrel and a pair of MOJO chokes for tight patterns with turkey and buckshot loads. The receiver is drilled and tapped for an optic, and the gun has the Benelli/Franchi/Stoeger Steady-Grip stock with a rubberized pistol grip. The gun also comes with a sling and a coat of Mossy Oak Overwatch. It can be had for $979.

Franchi Affinity 3 Sport Trap

A great do-it-all shotgun for the range and in the field, the Franchi Affinity 3 Sport Trap comes in a 3-inch 12-gauge with a 30-inch barrel.

With the Sport Trap, Franchi offers an inertia version of the “crossover” hunting/target gun that appeals to shooters who want to use one gun for targets and for hunting. The 3-inch 12-gauge features a 30-inch, ported barrel with a raised rib that works for any target discipline and fits into the duck blind or dove field as well. The synthetic stock features Franchi’s very soft TSA recoil pad, and it includes shims and spacers, allowing the owner to alter drop, cast, and length of pull. The gun has an oversized bolt handle and bolt closer, both of which come in very handy on the clay target field, and it has a loading port milled out for easier reloads. It features swivel studs, too, which are a plus for a gun that may go waterfowl or turkey hunting. The Sport Trap will retail for $999.

Benelli Performance Shop A.I. Supersport

Benelli introduced their new “Advanced Impact” technology at SHOT Show in the Shop A.I. Supersport. Benelli

The big introduction for Benelli at SHOT is A.I., which in this case stands for Advanced Impact, a barrel boring technology. Benelli claims that the new barrel design, paired with A.I. Crio chokes, will increase downrange velocity and energy while also producing more uniform patterns. The new bores will first appear on three Performance Shop ETHOS-series models: ETHOS Supersport A.I., Sport A.I., and Cordoba A.I., BE.S.T.

The Supersport A.I. has all the same features as the standard Performance Shop Supersport: carbon-fiber patterned synthetic stock, silver alloy receiver, 30-inch ported with raised carbon-fiber rib, and enlarged controls. Although intended for the sporting course, it has a 3-inch chamber, which makes it an excellent hunting gun, too. Shooters can purchase one for $3,399.