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I used to be obsessed with turkey calls, and my hunting vest reflected it. Come opening day, it was filled to the brim with mouth calls, slate calls, pot calls, box calls, and locator calls. And I thought I needed every single one of those to kill a turkey. Until I realized I didn’t. So I started to trim my arsenal. That led to leaving more gear at home and empty pockets in my vest.

After I got tired of lugging around an unnecessarily bulky turkey vest, I started looking for something new. And for years, I couldn’t find anything. Then, this spring, I put on the new Tethrd M2 vest. It is what run and gun hunters like me have been waiting for. I hunted in the M2 vest all spring, covering endless miles while chasing gobblers. By the final day of the season, it was easy to label Tethrd M2 as the ultimate minimalist turkey hunting vest. Here’s why…

A Mobile & Modular Turkey Vest

The Tethrd M2 was made in collaboration with The Hunting Public to figure out exactly what mobile turkey hunters need while deleting all of the extra nonsense. The result was an ergonomic streamlined vest perfect for the run and gun style turkey hunter.

Similar to many Western hunting packs, the vest is built around a “frame” system—the yoke. From there, every feature is customizable. For starters, you can add a hydration pack, turkey bag, or both. The belt allows for even more customization with Molle clips that help secure attachments. To top it off, you can add or remove the seat, making this turkey vest a true one-of-a-kind for each individual.

But the M2 isn’t just for turkey hunting. The Hunting Public tested this vest for years in both the turkey woods and while chasing deer across the country. Arguably, the best thing to come from all of that testing is the proprietary WisprTUFF fabric which keeps the M2 quiet and able to withstand briars and heavy wear. 

“We tend to lean towards the side of modularity to provide our customers with a product they feel happy with rather than forcing them to use something in a singular way,” says Tethrd owner Greg Godfrey. And that’s exactly how I felt once I customized my M2 vest this spring.


  • 3-6 lbs (depending on configuration)
  • Molle compatible for infinite expansion
  • Modular components to mix and match your ultimate kit
  • Accessory options available
  • Proprietary WisprTUFF fabric in Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • M2 Vest Kit (yoke, belt, pouches, pad) = 49.2oz or 3lbs 3oz
  • M2 + Hydro = 64oz or 4lbs
  • M2 + Birdbag = 67.5oz or 4lbs 3oz
Turkey Hunting Gear photo
The author filled both of his PA turkey tags. Derrek Horner

How I Customized and Tested the Tethrd M2 Vest

The Tethrd M2 arrived on my doorstep just in time for the Pennsylvania opener. But first, I had to customize the vest. When designing my belt pockets, I opted for one pocket to hold my gloves, facemask, and license. I put my Federal TSS loads, a Primos Rare Breed glass call and striker, some sandpaper, and three mouth calls from Woodhaven in the other pocket using the velcro attachment options that come with the vest. I chose to run my horizontal pockets more toward the front of my belt for easy access in the field. I also added a Source WXP 3L hydration bladder that fits perfectly into the hydration pack with room to spare for other necessities like snacks or Dude Wipes.

After a rainy and unsuccessful Pennsylvania opener, I set out to hunt with Tethrd’s Robert Mendoza and Jared Shaffer in upstate New York. We hunted from sunrise to close at noon for three straight days in a never-ending downpour. The vest was light, even in wet conditions. It almost repelled water and was quick to dry out after hunting.

With poor hunting conditions, we had to be mobile—exactly what the M2 was made to do—and hiked over five miles through the New York hardwoods each day. The hydration pack proved to be a necessity, and I preferred it over carrying a water bottle—another small way to save space in the vest. By the end of the trip, I knocked down a bird and was impressed with how comfortable and unnoticeable the vest was. I often forgot I was wearing it. 

I continued my turkey season back home in Pennsylvania, where I put even more miles in pursuit of a gobbling bird. The M2 was with me every step of the way, and it passed each test with flying colors. Everything I needed was easily accessible, and the minimalist design helped me focus on only bringing essential gear with me into the woods.

What I Like About the M2 Turkey Vest

There are two things that separate the M2 from other turkey vests on the market:

  1. A lightweight, low profile design that compliments run and gun hunting styles
  2. Great customization that allows hunters to tailor the vest to their specific needs/wants

It took me over a decade to find a vest that fits my minimalist style of turkey hunting. In fact, I would argue that the vest enhances my hunting style. And that’s my favorite thing about the M2—it forces you to critically think about your gear and call choices before heading into the woods. It is truly a less is more attitude with this vest, and I love it. 

That being said, a vest still has to organize and hold your gear. Which the M2 does exceptionally well. But what’s maybe even more important is how it feels on your back. And there is no doubt that the M2 is the most comfortable and lightweight vest I’ve ever worn in the turkey woods. Like I said before, I forgot I was wearing it during my hunts.

To top it all off, the M2 is extremely durable and quiet. It can be just as effective for the minimalist bowhunter and offers new ways to organize and store gear. You won’t find another vest with this much customization that allows you to adjust the look throughout the season until you find what works best for you.

What I Didn’t Like About the M2 Turkey Vest

Assembling the M2 vest can be daunting. Due to the modularity, every piece of this vest comes disassembled—allowing the hunter to build their M2 as they see fit. When the vest showed up in the mail, I was a little overwhelmed. It took me 40 minutes to put it together, and I struggled before I got everything in place. To make the process a little easier, watch the Tethrd M2 vest assembly video.