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Opening day is right around the corner—archery season may even be underway, depending where you’re at—and the Bass Pro Shops Gear Up Sale will prepare you for your first day back out.

The sale runs from now through September 21, with some great deals. Most intriguing are a handful of packages that come with pretty nice savings. So I’ll shut up and get what we’re here for: the deals.

Rage Hypodermic Mechanical Broadhead, 6-pack with Case – $39.97 (Save $70) 

Easily the best deal of the sale, you can get a 6-pack of 100-grain Rage Hypodermic mechanical broadheads for $40. If purchasing them in regular 3-packs, you’d pay $90 for broadheads and another $20 for the case. If you use mechanicals, you should jump on this one.

It also helps that these are genuinely good broadheads. Rage knows what it’s doing, and the Hypodermic NC + P was our favorite mechanical broadhead for elk. These broadheads on sale are the base model, so you’ll still have to fool with a shock collar. But at a price and with the level of performance, you probably won’t mind that. 

Moultrie Mobile EDGE 2-pack – $149.98 (16% off, Save $30) 

Another nice bundle is on these Moultrie Mobile EDGE cellular trail cams. They’re solid cameras with decent specs: 33MP images, 720p video with sound, 80-foot detection, and flash, a .85 second trigger. Besides the sale, the real plus is that they’re simple to set up. Moultrie uses Auto Connect, which connects you to the strongest signal from the big nationwide providers. No need to fool around checking service and switching out SIM cards.

BlackOut Intrigue XS Compound Bow Package – $249.98 (28% off, Save $100)

The last package is on this BlackOut compound bow. For $250, you get the bow, a Trophy Ridge Volt 5-pin sight, Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, Trophy Ridge 5-Spot Quiver, Trophy Ridge Blitz stabilizer, D-loop, and wrist sling. 

Now it’s not going to take home any compound bow awards, but if it’s for a new bowhunter or you need a beater, this one will make you happy. It’s capable of up to 315 fps, has a highly customizable draw weight and length, and comes with many attachments. None of these packages will be the best bow ever, but appreciate it for what it is: a killer value.

One of our favorite cellular cams is on sale as well. The SpyPoint Link-Micro S has great specs—0.4-second trigger speed, 80-foot flash and detection, and an easy-to-use smartphone app—with the added benefit of solar charging. In theory, if you use this camera long enough, it’ll pay for itself, and it should do pretty quickly since the regular model runs on 8 AA batteries. If you don’t mind using all those batteries, that regular model is also on sale for $80. 

Cabela’s Bow and Rifle Pack – $149.98 (6% off, Save $10)

This one’s not a crazy deal, but Cabela’s Bow and Rifle Pack is our favorite budget hunting pack. If you can pick it up for any discount, it’s a good buy. The only downside is it’s only on sale when you’re buying it in TrueTimber Strata. Not a huge downside, considering Strata is their all-purpose, blend-in-anywhere camo, but a downside nonetheless.

Summit Viper Steel Climbing Treestand – $179.98 (21% off, Save $50)

A takedown model of the Viper Pro SD, which won best overall in our climber roundup, the Viper Steel is a capable climber. That steel makes this model cheaper, a bit heavier, and not dead quiet. Still, it’s only a few pounds heavier, and if you’re attentive, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about noise. It has a nice seat and low-profile sides to make it work for bow or rifle hunting. 

Sig Sauer Buckmaster 1800 Laser Rangefinder – $119.98 (20% off, Save $30)

Lighting fast performance ranges from 1,800 yards, and good low light performance, what’s not to love? If you pair it with a Sig Sauer Buckmasters scope, it has eight preloaded ballistics profiles that indicate which holdover point to use in your matching scope. But without that extra help, you’re still getting a great rangefinder at a great price. 

Vortex Diamondback HD 10x42mm, in TrueTimber Strata – $179.98 (28% off, Save $70)

Good glass is necessary if you’re doing any sort of spotting. These Vortex Binoculars will up your glassing game. You get an HD optical system, multiple anti-reflective coatings on your glass, and multi-layer prism coatings for crisp and clear images. They’re gas purged, o-ring sealed, and come in a lovely TrueTimber Strata.