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As the heat starts to subside, you can start to feel the pull of those cold, pre-dawn mornings. We’re not quite there yet, but in the meantime, Cabela’s released their Fall Hunting Classic catalog. It has all the gear you’ll need, regardless of what you’re chasing, and quite a few sales. So, we ran through the catalog and compiled a couple of the best deals you can get right now. 

Ravin R26 – $500 off

It’s compact, 5¾” axel-axel, 6.5 lbs., and 26-inches; strong, 400fps with 142 ft. lbs of kinetic energy; and incredibly accurate downrange. At $500 off … this is one you’ll wanna check out. 

Browning Droptine E-Lock 23-Gun Safe – $100 off

Some pretty big savings on gun safes. Up to $300 … if you’re already shelling out for a $3,000, 50-gun safe. But, we like Browning’s Droptine E-Lock 23-gun option. Good size, good value, and you can save 100-bucks. 

SpyPoint Trail Cams – $20 to $70 off, depending on model

Good value, here. You can get SpyPoint’s Link-Micro for $70 below its retail price—46% off. It’s one of our favorite cellular trail cams and a good value even before any discounts, and 46% off is crazy. Or if you’re setting up in consistent sunlight, stretch for the solar charging version. It’s not on as deep of a discount (only 23%), but you’ll make your money back skipping out on batteries. 

If you’re concerned, first and foremost, with image quality, you can save $20 on the SpyPoint Flex. All the same cellular connections, but you can shoot images in 33megapixel and 1080p video with sound.

Bushnell Bone Collector Rangefinder – $30 off

Using infrared pulses, the Bone Collector gives you reliable performance to 100 yards on non-reflective targets and 850 yards on reflective one. One-button activation makes operation easy; it’s weatherproofed, and the lens has a EXO Barrier coating. Not a serious discount, but a serious rangefinder, all the same.