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Airguns are a great way to introduce folks to shooting sports, and they’re plenty of fun on their own. And with the current ammo shortage, there’s no better time pick up an airgun. Here are the best deals out now.

Spring-piston air rifles are a great way to get involved in airgun hunting. The self-contained powerplants provide enough horsepower to humanely take game like squirrels and rabbits, and don’t require any additional equipment to work. This holiday season, you can hit the woods with the Beeman R9 Elite combo, and save $87 thanks to Pyramid Air. The combo includes a scope and a pellet loader, so you can hit the ground running.

Can’t find any ammo for your favorite handgun? Get your practice in with the Gamo PT-85 CO2 pistol, on sale for $20 off at Pyramid Air. This semiauto pistol uses standard 12-gram CO2 cartridges to provide blow-back action, simulating the way a slide moves on a powder-burning handgun. And unlike real ammo, you can shoot all day for a few dollars.

Benjamin’s Marauder is an excellent choice for both new and experienced airgunners looking to get started with pre-charged pneumatics. The bolt-action air rifle is accurate enough to take bragging rights in even the most intense plinking sessions and packs enough of a punch for serious hunting duty. It’s also a perfect gift, with $50 off at Pyramid Air. Not sure if it’s right for you? Read our review and decide for yourself.

Diana’s Chaser CO2 Air Pistol is a backyard-friendly favorite designed for outdoor shooting sessions and indoor target training. It doesn’t have the power needed for hunting, but the finely balanced pistol does a number on cans, silhouettes, and paper targets. You can put one under the tree for $16 off at Pyramid Air. Just be sure to pick up some CO2 cylinders to go with it.

Speaking of targets, pick up Air Venturi’s Crazy Eights Resetting Airgun Target and never have to walk downrange again. The shoot-to-reset target gallery has eight hanging paddles that swing up and out of the way, staying there until you shoot the reset bar.  Right now, you’ll save $5 at Pyramid Air.

Here are more top deals this week: