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Not too big, not too small, just right. That’s how I would describe the new Yeti Roadie 15. The latest in the Roadie family is Yeti’s most compact hard cooler to date. It solves one of the biggest issues (pun intended) I often have with hard coolers: they’re just too, well, big. The Tundra Haul, for instance, is phenomenal for our annual beach vacation to North Carolina. And the Roadie 48 is just what I want for a weekend in the West Virginia mountains.

But for a quick afternoon at the nearest state park or a few hours on the boat? Those larger Yeti coolers felt like overkill. And so, when I heard about the smaller Roadie 15, I knew things were about to get fun. Here’s my review of the newest Yeti.

Let’s start with the size, which is what sets the Roadie 15 apart from the rest in the lineup. At just over 16 inches long and only 14 inches tall, it’s highly portable and surprisingly lightweight despite its rugged build. I know I’m not supposed to call anything perfect, but honestly, the 22-can capacity (without ice) is perfect for day trips or overnight outings. Along the lines of interior capacity, I’d take a beer over pinot any day, but if you’re the opposite, the Roadie 15 is even roomy enough to fit a whole bottle of wine.

Navy Yeti Roadie 15 hard cooler sitting on ground
A photo of the Roadie 15 next to my Crocs for size comparison. (Photo/Amanda Oliver)

Moving on to what else I love about the Roadie 15. It has the Permafrost insulation and top-of-the-line gasket Yeti is so famous for, making it worth buying for the ice retention alone. I put ice in mine in 90-degree weather and it had barely melted at all after more than 24 hours.

The new Roadie also has Yeti’s classic rubber latches that are secure enough to handle bumpy rides in the bed of the truck yet easy enough to open with one hand. I’m a big fan of the convenient drain plug at the base, which made it easy for me to empty when I was finished using it, and the adjustable carrying strap, which I found decently comfortable even when the cooler was full and thus heavier.

At the end of the day, I highly recommend the Roadie 15, even if you already own a larger Roadie. The smaller size makes it a lot more versatile and a useful addition to your collection. Plus, is there really any such thing as owning too many Yeti coolers? Absolutely not.

Yeti Roadie 15 hard cooler sitting on truck bed
The new cooler comes in a handful of classic colors. (Photo/Yeti)

Where to Buy the Yeti Roadie 15

You can currently buy the new Yeti Roadie 15 directly from Yeti at for $200 in select colors, including tan, navy, and white. Not only will you get free shipping and free returns, the cooler also comes with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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