The Killers: 112 Can't-Miss Lures of Today's Top Guides

Here are 112 battle-tested lures that North America’s top guides tie on when they absolutely have to catch fish. Make room in your tackle box


One of pike guide Steve Scepaniak's Suick Thriller jerkbaits shows the battle scars accrued after fooling over 1,000 trophy northerns and muskies. The lure had nearly a 20-year run before Scepaniak retired it. The Suick Thriller remains his go-to jerkbait.

Ask fishing guides to name their favorite lures and most sigh, then grumble, then inevitably utter some variation on the words, "That's tough, because it all depends on the conditions." But deep down, all guides--regardless of sponsorships, endorsements, or free lures showered on them by manufacturers--know the patterns that will get them hooked up on their home waters anytime. They all have standbys that get it done come rain, wind, or dirty water. So we found and grilled 28 top guides throughout the United States and Canada and got them to reveal their absolute favorite lures in four categories for seven species--and even tell us how they use them. It's a lot of info, and it's all here. Read it, then check your gear--and we'll see you at the tackle shop. Click on a species below.