A group of hunters called Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) game wardens to a property in Jim Hogg County after their dog Maria ended up trapped in a 50-foot-deep abandoned grain silo turned well. Maria had been chasing a quail in the brush when her owners lost track of her. They eventually found her at the bottom of the well, but they had no way of getting her out. 

TPWD game wardens arrived on the scene with rope and a wire dog kennel. They put together a makeshift pulley system and hoisted a kennel into the well. The wardens also put a few dead quail in the dog crate to lure Maria in. 

“With some encouragement from her owner, the dog was coerced to enter the kennel,” The TPWD wrote on their Game Warden Field Notes page. “Emergency responders, the dog owner, several fellow quail hunters, and the landowners’ family were amazed at how the situation unfolded.”

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Back on the surface, the wardens and Maria’s owner checked her for injuries. She appeared to be unharmed and fully alert with no broken bones. The owner plans to take the dog to the vet for a follow-up visit just to make sure.