Bass Fishing photo
An angler hauls brush piles to the lake.

Hauling Brush

An angler hauls brush piles to the lake.

Take a look at this dude’s boat in the photo. I bet your saying, “that’s a little too much,” right? Well, part of me is saying the same thing, mostly because I know I would never put that kind of effort into planting brush. But, then I asked myself an important question: Have I ever fished a brush pile where I felt it was a complete waste of my time? The answer for me was no. I’m betting it’s the same for you. In fact, when I’m fishing a big brush pile, regardless of the location, I’m intensely ready to set the hook at any time because deep down I know big things can happen on any brush pile at any time. Therefore, I actually admire this guy, because at the end of the day I truly respect the work that he’s willing to put into creating more fishy habitat. Piling mountains of brush all at once on your truck and boat may not be the most conventional way of doing the work, but heck, he’ll be setting the hook on some nice ones out of that stuff at some point while I’m looking for where he planted it all.

People often argue say that if everyone plants a bunch of brush piles, than the bass will have too many options. I heard it countless times. The truth, however, is that only a small percentage of anglers are willing to put in an effort like this guy, rendering overkill a mere impossibility, unless, that is, Christmas came five times a year instead of one and nobody had a spot to discard their dead trees. So at the moment, I feel there is a homeostasis between the brush pile planting angler, the existing brush piles, and the bass that live in them.

What’s your opinion on how much is too much, or if any brush is too much?