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A good camping griddle is essential for outdoor cooking to make the perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Griddles add flavor and flair to camping, and new models can be used on a camp stove, fire, or another heat source. Cook the perfect steak, or enjoy traditional bacon and eggs cooked to perfection.

Some new selections may surprise those well versed in outdoor cuisine. Traditional griddles are cast iron, making them easy to heat and maintain as non-stick. However, don’t overlook the new lightweight options for transportation, storage, and ease of cleanup. Keeping current with modern products often creates shortcuts in life.

Camping griddles are now designed to use different heat sources, but some come with their own. Check out the options below to ensure you have one of the best camping griddles to take your next camping trip or outdoor meal to the next level.

How We Picked the Best Camping Griddles

The technology and engineering that go into products make them durable and long-lasting. Properly constructed camping griddles should last a lifetime. To ensure that the models we selected deliver on their mission, we looked at the following criteria:

  • Materials: There are a variety of materials that griddles can be constructed of. I only selected griddles made of metals that provided even heat but were reasonably easy to care for.
  • Brand: I considered the company’s reputation for reliability when making my choices. If they were not known for delivering a high-quality product that lasts, they didn’t make the cut.
  • Value: The market is filled with griddles that are priced from bargain basement to sky-high. I considered price when making my picks, but emphasized value. Only griddles that offered plenty of bang for your buck made the cut.

Best Camping Griddles: Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall: Camp Chef Professional Fry Griddle

Best Overall


  • Materials: Seasoned-finish steel griddle
  • Dimensions: 14 x 32 inches
  • Cook Surface: 448 square inches


  • Grease drain for continuous cooking and cleaning of griddle surface
  • Heavy-steel construction with heat diffuser plates ensure even heat distribution and cooking
  • Compatible with most propane camp stoves
  • Authentic seasoned finish for non-stick cooking


  • The fry griddle can be heavy to move
  • Seasoning must be maintained to keep non-stick surface

Camp Chef Professional Fry Griddle—the best portable camping griddle—has a large cooking surface to accommodate everything from full breakfast menus to big dinners. Whether you are cooking for two or 10, the sizable griddle will keep everyone fed. Despite all of the available cooking real estate, it fits perfectly on one of Camp Chef’s two-burner camp stoves or similarly-sized models.

The heavy-duty steel construction with heat diffuser plates makes the perfect surface to fry foods. The diffuser plates ensure even heating, so there will be no cold spots. The seasoned griddle is non-stick and easy to maintain and clean.

Safety and maintenance features include high sides, built-in grease drain, grease cup, and handle. The built-in grease drain and grease collection cup make one of frying’s most difficult chores easy, so you can crank out the bacon without worrying about flare-ups. The high sides also prevent food from sliding off the griddle and offer a backstop to wrangle uncooperative flapjacks.

Though hefty, a forward carry handle makes it easy to transport and set on a stove. There is no way to wear out this griddle, and it will last a lifetime.

Best Propane: Royal Gourmet PD1301S


  • Dimensions: 25 x 16.3 x 7.9 inches
  • Heat Source: Three burners producing 25,500 BTU
  • Cook Surface: 316 square inches


  • All-in-one portable unit allows you to cook anywhere
  • 25,500 BTU burners provide quick and reliable heat
  • Removable, slide-out grease cup
  • Griddle top is detachable for washing


  • The unit weighs 20 pounds
  • The unit needs to be set up on a level surface before using

The Royal Gourmet Portable 24-Inch 3-Burner Table Top Gas Grill Griddle is an easy-to-use all-in-one heat source and the best camping propane griddle. The traditional steel camping grill has a large 316 square-inch cooking area that tackles most camping, tailgating, or backyard cookout tasks.  

With 25,500 BTUs, the unit heats up quickly, and the steel griddle holds and distributes it for even cooking temperatures. Three independent burners with their own adjustment knobs make fine-tuning the output a breeze, so you can maintain temperatures even when loaded with different foods. The burner uses a 20-pound propane tank to provide fuel, so you can cook all weekend without swapping cylinders. Lighting is also simple, with a piezo-electric ignitor.

The cooktop features raised sides and back to corral food and a lip all the way around to contain grease. A porcelain enameled finish keeps food from sticking and wipes clean with ease. The griddle has a removable, slide-out grease cup to collect oil residue while cooking. The top is detachable, which also simplifies clean up.

Best Camping Stove Griddle: Coghlan’s Two Burner Non-Stick Camp Griddle

Best Camping Stove Griddle


  • Materials: Heavy-gauge aluminum
  • Size: Fits most two-burner camp stoves
  • Cook Surface: 165 square inches


  • Lightweight at only 1.8 pounds
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No seasoning required


  • Aluminum does not hold heat like steel
  • The non-stick coating requires non-scratch utensils

Coghlan’s Two Burner Non-Stick Camp Griddle is sized perfectly to fit most folding two-burner camp stoves. Though it’s not the largest on our list, 16.5 x 10 inches of non-stick cooking space give you plenty of room for eggs and bacon. The aluminum construction makes it the best camping stove griddle and one of the lightest griddles on the market at only 1.8 pounds. So don’t think twice about throwing this one in the chuck box when camping with the family or heading up to deer camp.

This coated aluminum griddle is the perfect starter griddle for anyone that has never used one. The non-stick coating is easy to clean and maintain and reduces the need to use fats or oils when cooking. Raised edges keep splatter and spill to a minimum, but the lack of a drain means you’ll have to pace yourself when cooking bacon or other fatty foods. Side handles make the griddle easy to place and move, even when hot.

Best Grill Griddle Combo: Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle Pan

Best Grill Griddle Combo


  • Materials: Cast iron
  • Reversible Surface: Smooth or grill
  • Cook Surface: 200 square inches


  • Versatile design accomplishes many cooking tasks
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron is non-stick
  • Fits many camp stoves or can be used in an oven


  • Requires seasoning to maintain non-stick function
  • Clearing grease can be difficult

Good camping cookware is versatile, with the ability to accomplish many tasks. Smooth on one side with raised grill bars on the other, the Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle can make golden-brown pancakes or perfectly seared steaks simply by flipping it over. Adding to the versatility, you can use this on camp stoves or burners at home. With a temperature rating of 500° Fahrenheit, it can even go into an oven. You can even consider the Bruntmor cast iron grill/griddle fire pit-ready for cooking on direct flame.

The cast iron heats quickly and distributes evenly for consistent cooking, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Both sides of the grill/griddle are pre-seasoned for non-stick cooking and easy cleaning and maintenance. The smooth surface is ready for bacon, eggs, or pancakes right out of the box with its non-stick nature. The bars leave deep sear marks in steak and other proteins to look like you had a barbecue along. Built-in side handles make it easy to move and set up which is why it’s the best camping grill griddle combo.

Best With Stand: Blackstone 28-inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Best With Stand


  • Dimensions: 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches
  • Heat Source: Two burners producing 30,000 BTU
  • Cook Surface: 470 square inches


  • Durable professional-grade griddle
  • Cooking surface is big enough for the largest groups
  • Steel griddle heats evenly for consistent cooking
  • Fold up legs for transportation


  • No hood to hold in heat
  • Griddle requires seasoning to maintain a non-stick, rust-free surface
  • The unit weighs 75 pounds

You can provide restaurant-quality food with the Blackstone 28-inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station. As the best camping griddle with a stand this giant griddle provides an amazing 470 square inches of cooking surface so you can prepare anything from scrambled eggs to teppanyaki-style dishes out in the backcountry.

Two independently controlled 15,000 BTU stainless steel burners make a total of 30,000 BTUs for controlled cooking options on one surface. The combination of the thick cold rolled steel cooktop and H-shaped burners provides even heat from edge to edge. The griddle and grease management design ensures the post-meal cleanup is simple and easy.

A connection for a standard 20-pound propane tank will keep the griddle cooking on the longest trips, and electronic ignition means it’s a snap to light. The griddle station has a bottom shelf and two side shelves for food storage and prep, which is a welcome addition in the woods or at a tailgate.

This Blackstone Grill will stand up to the elements with a powder-coated black steel frame and stainless-steel burners. Though it’s not lightweight at 75 pounds, fold-up legs and four industrial strength caster wheels make it easy to transport from your backyard to the campsite.

What to Consider When Choosing a Camping Griddle

There is a wide variety of camping griddles on the market. Versatile units can be used with various heat sources, while others come set up for use with a propane tank and built-in burners. Flat griddles are great for cooking everything from the perfect egg to putting a seared crust on a steak. Assess your needs for versatility to find the perfect camping griddle to allow you to prepare meals in any location. Think about the following before making your purchase.


If you’re in your kitchen, weight isn’t much of an issue. But if you must haul your griddle any distance, you’ll appreciate a lightweight one. Aluminum griddles are lighter than cast iron ones. But everything is a trade off, and the heavier cast-iron models are easy to season to maintain a non-stick surface. They offer better heat control to put the perfect sear on meat or cook the perfect egg.

Size of Your Group

One of the biggest considerations when shopping for a griddle is the size of your party. Cooking breakfast for two requires much less space than breakfast for ten, so make sure you buy accordingly. Consider griddles with 150 square inches of cooking space the bare minimum for a few campers, and go bigger for larger groups.

Heat Source

How you’ll get your griddle up to operating temperature is a big concern. If you already have a stove that you plan on using, you need to make sure whatever griddle you purchase fits. If you are looking to purchase an all-in-one design with a built-in heat source, make sure it offers good flame control. And note that toting along a propane cylinder will add considerable weight to your camping gear.


While all of these griddles are tailor-made for use outdoors, many of them are useful much closer to home. If you plan on buying a griddle that can be used in the kitchen, make sure it is compatible with your home heat source. While most camping griddles can be used on propane burners and open flames, not all are compatible with electric elements, induction stoves, or oven use.

Ease of Cleaning

Camping, tailgating, and cooking out are fun. But you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that gets the same satisfaction from doing the dishes as they get from eating a hearty meal in the great outdoors. Consider how easy it will be to clean and care for your griddle. If you don’t have running water nearby, a surface the cleans with a quick wipe is a big plus. Most seasoned surfaces require some care to keep them functioning as they should, so expect some upkeep. Coated aluminum surfaces typically only need a quick wash.

Most griddles will last a lifetime, so take the time to look at options and purchase the unit that will suit you for decades to come.


Q: Can you use a griddle on a camping stove?

Yes, you absolutely should. Using a griddle on your camping stove makes the most of your cooktop, turning the typically wasted space between burners into the perfect spot for bacon and eggs.

Q: Can you cook steak on a griddle?

You can give steaks the perfect sear on a griddle. While many folks prefer the taste of steaks cooked over an open flame, griddles provide an even heat that cooks steaks quickly. If you choose a model with raised ribs, you can still get the grill marks everyone loves.  

Q: Do Blackstone griddles rust?

Blackstone Griddles retain and distribute heat so well because they are built of iron. But iron is prone to rust, so you’ll want to give the surface a protective layer of oil. After each use, wipe the surface down with three or four tablespoons of your favorite cooking oil to ensure it stays rust-free.

Q: Is a Blackstone griddle worth it?

You get what you pay for. Blackstone grills and griddles are built to last, with tough components like powder-coated steel frames, stainless steel burners, and thick cold rolled steel cooktops. Thoughtful additions like electronic ignition give you more bang for your buck.

Final Thoughts on the Best Camping Griddles

Cooking on flat rocks led to the development of the modern griddle, but we have come a long way since then. Now, griddles provide lots of options to prepare food quickly, efficiently, and flavorfully. Consider how and where you will be using your griddle, and use the above advice to choose one of the best camping griddles for you.

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