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Whether you’re gearing up for Spring and Summer, or just looking ahead to hunting in the Fall, Cabela’s Go Outdoors Sale will have something for you to grab at a discount. We’ve compiled some of our favorite deals from the sale here, but there’s plenty more to look through on the Cabela’s site

Tactacam Reveal X 

We’ve covered both this great value cellular trail cam and this deal on it at Cabela’s, but we’ll gladly do it again. Why? Because it’s that good. Tactacam’s Reveal X has everything you’d want from a cellular trail cam. You’ve got expansive coverage through AT&T or Verizon. (Either works with your provider, just figure out which one is most reliable where you’re placing it.) You get solid performance with a sub-half-second trigger, 96-foot infrared flash range, and decent color and grayscale images. Lastly, what really puts it over the top, is the price and ease of use. A solid cellular cam you can buy with a single bill. No wonder we can’t stop talking about it. 

Gerber Truss Multitool 

Sales are always a great time to grab essentials, the things you’ll know you use somewhere down the road. You can pick up this  little Gerber Truss on sale, and you’ll be all set with a multitool for the next decade … assuming it doesn’t go missing. You get 17 tools, all accessible with the pliers closed, all with a sturdy locked open position. The steel grip features cutouts along the length, dropping weight for those counting ounces, and it makes it look more tactical, if that’s your thing. The only caveat is you have to get your tool in Grey to get the 20% off. Not a problem as the all-black version is … a bit much, and it seems a nightmare to find if you drop it just about anywhere. 

Masterbuilt Analog Electric Smoker

It’s gotta be something biological, but when the weather starts to turn this time of the year, you’re just waiting for one nice weekend to stand over a grill and obsess over dinner. If this year you want to dip your toe into smoking, or if you’ve just never had enough space for a pit, Masterbuilt’s Upright Smokers are a great buy. I like the “Analog” Electric Smoker; on sale right now it’s only $100, and the simplicity — no window, no digital control — is appreciated. If you need a bit more space, or value a few extra features, the Digital Electric Smoker with a Window is your best bet. You get a control panel and window, so you can feel fully in control over the 10 hours you’re smoking a butt. 

Ascend 10T Sit-On-Top Kayak

If you’ve been looking to do some kayak fishing, $50 off this Ascend 10T Sit-On-Top might be enough to get you on the water. A tunnel hull keeps this kayak sturdy enough for fishing without sacrificing performance while paddling. It’s got a comfortable seat, weathertight storage, and rails for whatever gear you’re bringing along. A great value for a fishing ’yak. But if you want something more simple, grab the Ascend D10 for $100 below retail. It’s a sit-in, so not ideal for fishing, but you can certainly make it work. Plus, it’ll handle multisport kayaking better than a fish-only sit-on-top. 

Two Great Deals from Amazon

After combing through the Cabela’s sale, we also found a few nice deals from Amazon’s outdoors section. 

Garmin Quatix 6X 

There’s the outdoorsmen who wax poetic about keeping it simple, and there’s the outdoorsmen capable of finding uses for space age gear. If you find yourself in the latter camp, consider picking up a version of the Garmin Quatix 6x, all of which are around 20% discounted. The solar version will give you extra weeks of battery life, but other than that, the models are substantially the same. Essentially, when connected to your chartplotter, you’re taking everything and putting it on your wrist. Check coastal and freshwater maps, mark locations, check underwater structure all from your watch. Maybe it’s a bit serious for taking out the bass boat, but if you’re serious about your fishing, especially if you’re going offshore, it will certainly make itself useful. 

Plano Storage Trunks

It’s the least sexy of all deals, but don’t be fooled. Picking up a medium Plano storage trunk at 25% off is a great buy. If you’re reorganizing the shed, basement, or attic, you’re going to need a couple of cases. Plano’s are stackable and will last a lifetime, and at 25% off, you can save $50 before you know it. Even if you’re not packing things away, a medium sized Plano, at 26”x11.25”x11.5”, makes a well-sized camp trunk, and it’ll do the same job as pricier, specialized options.