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Summer is grilling season. It’s also Prime Day season, a great opportunity to find big savings on outdoor cooking essentials. The recipe for best Amazon Prime deals is simple: first, become a Prime member. Then, think of all the grilling gear — from the simplest accessories to the cookers themselves — you need to make your next cookout a success and be ready to shop for them on Prime Day. If you need help, we found a number of great grill deals right now.

Every year, Amazon holds Prime Day. Think of it as an exclusive summer version of Black Friday for Prime members. Prime day deals feature huge discounts applied to all kinds of products, including backyard grilling essentials. To participate, you have to be a Prime member, which costs you either $13 a month or $119 a year. Prime membership comes with several benefits, like free two-day shipping, Amazon rewards, and movies and TV shows on Prime that you can’t see anywhere else. Sign up for Amazon Prime here. If you’re a new member, the first 30 days are free.

Prime Day savings are big enough to repay the price of your membership several times over if you shop smart. The following will help you find the deals on the grilling tools and cookers to make this your best summer cooking season ever. And, if you need something to hold you over until Prime Day, we found plenty of deals you can find right now. We will update this story on Prime Day with the best deals on grills and grill accessories, so bookmark this page to keep track of the best Amazon grill deals.

Best Prime Day Deals on Gas Grills

Gas grills are the ultimate in outdoor cooking convenience. They heat up in a hurry, hold a constant temperature, and they leave no ashes. They’re versatile, too, capable of searing steaks at high heat and cooking chicken and vegetables at lower temperatures. More burners mean greater versatility by allowing you to create different temperature zones across the grill surface. 

Upper-end grills offer more heating power to come up to the desired heat quickly and a host of other features to let you make restaurant-quality meals in your backyard. As you shop for grills, you’ll find that the price increases with the size of the cooking surface. Figure 72 square inches per person is a good ballpark for cooking a meal. If you’re planning outdoor dinner parties, be sure you buy a big enough grill to cook all the food at once. On the other hand, there’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars more for space you don’t need.

Best Gas Grill Deal: Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 500 RSIB Propane Gas Grill, 900 + Infrared Side and Rear Burners, Stainless Steel

All-stainless construction, huge cooking area, night-light, and illuminated knobs make this grill stand out.

A total of 900 square inches of cooking surface between the interior and side burners let you cook elaborate meals outdoors. The roll-top stainless lid is high enough to accommodate a rotisserie that has its own rear infrared burner. Four main burners provide an awesome 80,000 btu of cooking power and the grill heats quickly to 800 degrees for fast searing. Fun extras include a built-in ice bucket for drinks and marinades, a bottle opener, and a lighted logo that projects onto the ground in front of the grill.

Best Propane Grill Deal, Budget Priced: Cuisinart CGG-7400 Propane, 54 Inch, Full Size Four-Burner Gas Grill

Four easy-ignition burners and plenty of power make this a versatile, affordable choice for outdoor cooking.
Cuisinart Outdoor Grilling

Cuisinart’s propane grill features a stainless steel lid and control panel, cast iron grates, and a cooking surface big enough to  cook for six people at a time. Heavy-duty cast-iron grates retain the 44,000 BTUs put out by the four burners.  The control panel even includes a bottle opener, since outdoor chefs get thirsty.

Best Prime Day Deals on Pellet Grills 

Pellet grills have become extremely popular in recent years. Burning compressed wood pellets they give the smokey flavor of wood chips with easy cleanup. They are best used for smoking, slow cooking and roasting, although some models will heat up enough to give a good sear. 

At the upper end of the pellet grill range you find models that make cooking more consistent and more convenient. Many include temperature probes you can use with the lid closed, phone apps that let you monitor your food remotely, and larger hoppers that don’t need to be refilled on long, slow jobs like brisket. Look for premium features when you’re shopping prime day deals on top-of-the-line grills. 

If you’re an occasional backyard cook, a budget model might suit your needs perfectly. While some very inexpensive models have temperature settings that can vary 30 degrees or more, it’s worth shopping for a pellet grill that can hold temperatures to within ten degrees or so.

Best Pellet Grill Deal: Traeger Grills TFB89BLFC Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with Alexa and WiFIRE Smart Home Technology, Black

WiFIRE smart technology enables voice control of this pellet grill.

Traeger’s TurboTemp feature gets you cooking faster and brings the temperature back up quickly if you open the door to check your food. The huge hopper holds 20 pounds of pellets for daylong cooking projects and empties through a convenient trapdoor. Double side wall insulation helps the grill hold heat in cold weather so you can cook year round and the porcelain grill grate cleans up in a hurry.

Best Pellet Grill Deal, Budget Priced: Z GRILLS ZPG-6002E 2020 New Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker, 6 in 1 BBQ Grill Auto Temperature Control, Stainless & Bronze

This budget-priced pellet grill has a wide temperature range to cover everything from steaks to brisket.

Opening the air door and turning the setting to maximum puts this pellet grill into sear mode for steaks and chops. You can turn this unit down for smoking, roasting, baking, braising and barbecuing. A forced-air fan gives it convection roasting capability. The hopper holds ten pounds of pellets, allowing you to cook for ten hours without a refill.

Best Prime Day Deals on Portable Grills

Whether you plan to go car camping, take a trip in an RV or tailgate, a portable grill can make any outdoor event more festive. You can choose between charcoal and propane models. Charcoal-grilled food tastes great and there’s no need to pack propane, but most portable gas grills run on one-pound propane bottles that are easy to transport, and there’s no need to find a place to dump ashes when it’s time to clean up.

Best Portable Grill Deal: Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

A folding wheeled stand lets the RoadTrip grill go wherever you do.

At just 46 pounds, the Road Trip 285 won’t weigh you down, and the stand folds up so it fits in a car trunk. The three burner grill has electric ignition and offers 285 square inches of cooking surface, big enough to make a meal for four in a hurry. Handy side tables slide in and out, and an accessory swap-out skillet surface is available as an accessory for cooking breakfasts.

Best Prime Day Deals on Charcoal Grills

Nothing beats the taste of food cooked over charcoal. Coals let you put a good sear on steaks and burgers. Be sure to look for a model that will have enough grill space for you to leave a cooler spot on the grate to hold food or to move it in the event of a flareup. Take cleanup into account too, and choose a model that doesn’t have to  be dumped out when dinner is over.

Best Charcoal Grill: CUSIMAX Charcoal Grill $149.99 (was $169.99)

If you believe nothing beats the taste of charcoal, this simple grill could be all you need.

The CUSIMAX charcoal grill is perfect for backyard barbecues and easy to move around. The built-in vents allow for easy temperature control and the ash catcher makes for easy cleanup. The lid hanging hook is another great advantage for simple storage when the lid is off. An all-around classic barbecue.

Best Prime Day Deals on Grilling Accessories

Every barbecue cook needs tools: tongs, spatulas, basting brushes, and more to get the food just right. Flimsy kitchen-wear won’t cut it outdoors. Look for sturdy, stainless steel construction and be sure that handles are long enough to keep cook’s hands safely away from any flareups.

Best Grilling Tool Set Deal: Veken BBQ Grill Accessories, Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Set for Men & Women Grilling Utensils Accessories with Storage Apron Gift Kit for Barbecue Indoor Outdoor

The stainless steel grilling tool set comes in a sturdy case that unfolds to become an apron.

This set offers a tool for every grilling occasion. The lockable tongs give you a great grip, and the set also includes sturdy, stainless knife, fork, basting brush and spatula. It comes with plastic meat claws for pulling pork, and 100 bamboo skewers for making kabobs. It makes a great starter kit or gift.

Best Grill Basket Deal: Aleath Portable BBQ Grill Basket for Fish, Vegetables, Shrimp ($20.99 (was $24.99)

A grill basket for a variety of foods.

This stainless steel grill basket was built to last without breaking down, warping, or rusting. The 11.5-inch handle is detachable for a safe grilling experience. It is great for fish, vegetables, and other foods. The basket also has dividers to keep food separated into three different sections. A useful grilling accessory that will aid in many delicious meals.

Best Meat Thermometer Deal: ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe for Smoker Grill BBQ Thermometer

A range of 300 feet means you don’t have to hover over the grill.

A meat thermometer is an essential grilling tool. It helps you cook to right temperatures without the need to cut into the meat to be sure it’s done. This ThermoPro TP20 has dual probes that let you keep track of two kinds of meat at once. You get an alert when they reach the desired temperatures. The unit is accurate to 1.8 degrees so your food will be perfect. There is no synchronization necessary to set the unit up, and it includes settings for different types of meats and levels of done-ness in case you don’t know what temperature you need.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 FAQ:

When is Prime Day 2021?

The exact date of Amazon Prime Day 2021 won’t be known until the announcement a couple of weeks before the event. Prime Day usually takes place in July, but an April press release hinted that 2021 Prime Day might take place in the year’s second quarter, which ends on June 30.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime day is the time to find the best Amazon deals. It’s a special two-day event when Amazon prime members can take advantage of deep discounts on Amazon devices and on a wide variety of other products. Last year Prime members saved a total of $1.4 billion during Prime Day.

When does Prime Day end?

Prime Day lasts exactly 48 hours. If it begins at 12:00 noon, it will end at precisely 11:59 a.m. two days later.

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The Basics About Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day has grown into a global phenomenon since it began in 2015. The two-day sale showcases some of the very best deals online that you’ll ever see. You have to be a Prime member to take advantage. Once you join Prime, think hard about what categories you’ll want to shop, because there are so many Prime Day deals that the event can overwhelm you if you’re not ready for it. Do your research, and Prime Day can be the best shopping days of the year.

For Amazon Prime Day 2021, Field & Stream wants to help you find the most useful and expert shopping recommendations. We’re your home for the best Prime Day deals 2021! Check out more of the best Amazon Prime day sales here: deals for hunters, anglers, and outdoorsmen, bargains on outdoor gear.