chefs knife deal on Cyber Monday

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If you want to surprise a home cook with the ultimate holiday gift, you can’t really go wrong with a new set of kitchen knives. After some online bargain hunting, these five blades are among the best Cyber Monday deals we’ve found on kitchen knives that are still available. And, if you really want to go the extra mile, we’ve also recommended a knife block that’ll not only organize these knives, but make them look even sharper.

KP Serbian Chefs Knife – “The Chopper” ($63.99) was $79.99

Field & Stream editor-in-chief, Colin Kearns, owns this knife (shown above), and he can confirm that, in addition to looking absolutely awesome, it’s an absolute workhorse in the kitchen. Use it to chop, cut, slice, or hack. Just remember—after you do use it to chop, cut, slice, or hack—wash and dry it immediately. Otherwise it will rust. But as long as you take care of this knife, it’ll take care of nearly every blade task you ask of it.

Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife ($129.99) was $150.00

If there is one style of knife you absolutely need to have in your kitchen, it’s one like this. As long as you keep it sharp, you can use this knife for any blade task—from rough chopping to fine mincing. Wusthof is a trusted brand known for making long-lasting knives.

Henckels Classic 4-inch Paring Knife ($29.87) was $59.00

And if there’s a second-most-essential knife to have on hand in the kitchen, it would probably be a trusty pairing knife. Keep one within reach whenever you need to do some knife work that calls for precision or finesse. This knife is made from German steel, and is dishwasher safe.

Mercer Culinary Millennial Bread Knife ($16.50) was $39.99

A dedicated bread knife might seem unnecessary—until you’ve used one. Then you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using a long serrated blade to slice into freshly baked loaves to make venison sandwiches. The blade on this knife is made from high-quality Japanese steel, which allows for easy maintenance and quick sharpening for a razor’s edge.

imarku Boning Knife ($20.05) was $29.99

For blade work along the lines of filleting, deboning, or butterflying, you’ll want a thin, sharp, and flexible blade that you get from a boning knife. The blade on this imarku boning knife is made of high-carbon German stainless steel to provide maximum sharpness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance.

Home Kitchen Magnetic Knife Block ($31.99) was $69.99

A knife collection this badass deserves to be displayed, which is where this magnetic knife block comes into play. A knife block keeps your kitchen blades organized and safely out of reach, while still leaving them accessible. Plus, it’s just a great way to show off your collection of knives. This block is double-sided, giving you extra space…and a reason to buy more knives!