Black Bear Hunting photo

From the Anchorage Daily News:
_Even in a city whose logo is “Big Wild Life,” the summer of 2008 is testing residents’ tolerance for large carnivores.

The problem is bears, black bears and bigger grizzlies. So far this summer, three people have been mauled in the city.

Some people say humans are to blame for the confrontations and insist that no bears should be killed because of the attacks. [Others] . . . want something done about the big bruins._

_A few excerpts on each side of the debate:
— “It is pretty much unsafe to walk around at night,” [bear-attack victim Devon Rees] said.

–People using the city parks need to practice some common sense, said Dave Parker, a 25-year-old resident of Wasilla, outside the municipality.

“The bears were here before we were,” Parker said. “You don’t go swimming in shark-infested waters and don’t expect to be bit. . . .”

–Mike Vogel, a 51-year-old insurance agent, was stomped by a moose in 2003 on a popular city trail. . . . “We need to kill some of these bears and we need to kill some of these moose,” he said. Vogel accuses Fish and Game of catering to “bunny huggers.”_

“I think the pecking order needs to be re-established with humans on top,” he said. “What other city in the world has pernicious wildlife running around in its city parks?”

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