Discussion Topic: What Was Smokey Bear Smoking?

That, or something like that, is what off-road-vehicle advocacy groups asked the Forest Service about it’s latest public service announcement, which has now been pulled.

From the Associated Press:

_The Forest Service said Tuesday it has canceled a public service ad in which the iconic bear warned that sparks from off-road vehicles could start a wildfire.

Off-road groups had complained that the ad sent the wrong message that riders operating ATVs in a legal manner can start forest fires. . . .

The BlueRibbon Coalition, an Idaho-based group that advocates for off-road vehicles, hailed the ad’s withdrawal.

“I honestly believe the agencies had intended to create a positive message regarding safe use of ATVs on public lands,” said Don Amador, the group’s Western representative.

Whatever its intent, the ad “incorrectly conveyed to the ATV rider that the best way for them to prevent wildfires was to stay at home. Instead, the ad should have encouraged the use of Forest Service-approved spark arresters and limiting travel to approved routes and areas,” Amador said._