Big Game Hunting photo

We hunters are an easy target for the popular media, and probably the last group not protected by P-C sensitivity. This link carries you to Monday’s installment of Non Sequitur, a predictably knee-jerk and rarely funny comic strip by Wiley Miller that appears in 700 papers nationwide.

This story line has run for the last five days or so. To get you up to speed, Lucy and Petey are a pony and a dog. Lucy, the pony, has fallen in love with a French Canadian moose. It’s moose season, and all three are in the woods, endangered by hunters or, as we’re called here “terrorists.” That’s right, Wiley uses the “T” word on us. It would be insulting if it weren’t so sadly stupid.

I can guess how you all feel about this, but if you want to vent anyway, knock yourselves out.