**Frank Bluch<br />
Corio, Victoria<br />
Arctic Char<br />
2-Pound Tippet Record<br />
** <strong>Weight</strong>: 7 lb. 12 oz. <strong>The Lowdown:</strong> Fly fishing in Canada's Coppermine River, Bluch and took 18 minutes to carefully play the fish that beats the former record by exactly one pound. <strong>Fly Used:</strong> Sparkle Bugger
**Frank Bluch
Corio, Victoria
Arctic Char
2-Pound Tippet Record
** Weight: 7 lb. 12 oz. The Lowdown: Fly fishing in Canada's Coppermine River, Bluch and took 18 minutes to carefully play the fish that beats the former record by exactly one pound. Fly Used: Sparkle Bugger.
**Masakazu Taniwaki
Sanbu-Gun, China
Asian Yellowtail
All-Tackle World-Record
** Weight: 109 lb. 2 oz. The Lowdown: This fish caught off Okinawa, Japan, may best the current all-tackle record by over 50 pounds. Taniwaki beat the yellowtail in 12 minutes. Lure Used: Pencil Bait
**Nicole Lund
Springfield, Queensland
King Threadfin
Female Junior Record
** Weight: 19 lb. 4 oz. The Lowdown: Young Nicole had this king threadfin landed in eight minutes. She hooked it in Australia’s Brisbane River. Bait Used: Live Gar
Katherine Randup
Tauranga, New Zealand
Pacific Bluefin Tuna
130-pound Line-Class Record
Weight: 619 lb. 7 oz. The Lowdown: It took Randaup 33 minutes to best this beast of a tuna while fishing over New Zealand’s Hokitika Trench. Bait Used: Hoki
**James B. Wise M.D
Oklahoma City, OK
80-Pound Line-Class Record
** Weight: 97 lb. 1 oz. The Lowdown: Wise pulled this heavy specimen from Argentina’s Rio Parana, and after a few photographs and documentation, released it to swim another day. Lure Used: Cucu Trolling Lure
**Maureen Klause
Ocean City, NJ
Striped Bass
2-Pound Line-Class Record
** Weight: 23 lb. 8 oz. The Lowdown: It took 45 minutes of careful finesse for Klause to land this striper on such light line in Delaware Bay. Bait Used: Bunker Chunk
Donna Narcizo
Newport Beach, Calif.
California Corbina
20-Pound Line-Class Record

The Lowdown: With the record currently vacant, Narcizo hopes to step in.
Bait Used: Innkeeper Worm
Andriano Garhantini
Rosegg Austria

Weight: 4 lb. 12 oz
The Lowdown: Garhantini caught this fish in the Steinfield River.
******Jorge Massulo de Aguiar** Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil Speckled Peacock 16-pound Tippet Record Weight: 25 lb. 2 oz. The Lowdown: Massulo de Aguiar wrestled with this fish for 12 minutes before finally landing it.
Jeff Storm Harkavy
Coral Springs, Fla.
Pacific Barracuda
6-Pound Tippet Record
7 lb.**
The Lowdown:** Harkavy landed the fish after eight minutes while fishing Golflito, Costa Rica.**
Richard C. Keatley
Norfolk, Va.
Striped Bass

20-Pound Tippet Record
51 lb. 5 oz.**
The Lowdown:** Keatley, while fishing Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, fought with this fish for 30 minutes before he landed it.**
Fly Used:** Clouser Minnow Fly
Dotty Ballantyne
Bozeman, Mont.
Jack Crevalle

2-Pound Tippet Record
3 lb. 1 oz.
The Lowdown: After almost an hour Ballantyne brought in this fish, breaking her own record.
Stan Nabonzy
The Woodlands, Texas
Comizo Hybrid Barbel
All-Tackle Record

Weight: 15 lb. 5 oz.
The Lowdown: After documenting and photographing the catch, Nabonzy let the fish swim along.
Bait Used: Corn and Halibut Pellets
Rhyss Whittred
Landsdale, Wash.
16-Pound Line-Class Record

Weight: 65 lb. 9 oz.
The Lowdown: Whittred used a jig to attract this fish — after half an hour, it was in the boat.
Ashley Stout
Reno, Nev.
Cutthroat Trout
Female Smallfry Record

Weight: 9 lb. 0 oz.
The Lowdown: Stout reeled in this prize in a about five minutes while fishing Pyramid Lake, Nevada.
Reinhold Schwarzwaelder
Biblis, Germany
50-Pound Class-Line Record

Weight: 48 lb. 8 oz.
The Lowdown: Schwarzwaelder caught this fine specimen while fishing in Spain’s Delta de Ebro.
Bait Used: Mullet
Emiko Ihara
Chiba, Japan
Japanese Parrotperch
50-Pound Class-Line Record
7 lb. 14 oz.**
The Lowdown:** After documenting her catch, Ihara released the fish.
Bait Used: Sea Urchin
Jennifer Mugrauer
Jesup, Ga.
Black Drum
30-Pound Class-Line Record

Weight: 48 lb. 8 oz.
The Lowdown: Mugrauer landed this massive fish off the coast of Georgia.
Bait Used: Squid