A big thanks to the folks at GoFishn.com for this story. With the worst single-year drought in Texas history continuing into the fall, everyone and everything living there is being effected. In this case, it's the alligator gar near the Trinity River. These photos were posted by Garzilla Guide Service. The caption reads: "I was out yesterday checking some of my private fishing holes and this is what I found. A dried up lake with one mud hole in the middle and the only thing alive was the alligator gar.
“…They were living in mud. I wouldn’t even consider it water. This comes to show how tough the species really is. The fish would gulp air from its mouth in order to breath and the mud was keeping them cool. The temperature in Texas for the past month has soared over 100 deg reaching up to 110 and these fish are still alive. We [are] currently still working with TPWD on relocating the fish to fresh water.” When contacted by Field & Stream, the folks at Garzilla Guide Service declined to comment further, as the lake is located on private land.
The following photos from Garzilla were taken on the Trinity River near Palestine, TX on Aug. 16. River Conditions
Water Level: 4.5 ft.
Temp: 106 degrees
Water Temp: 89 degrees
These gar were caught on 150 lb. PowerPro braid with carp for bait, a 90 lb. leader, 4/0 Mustad trebal hook and a 10-inch slip-float. “As far as river fishing goes it can’t get any better! The low water has forced the big alligator gar to take refuge in the deeper holes of the river in higher numbers…
So the fishing has been GREAT[. T]he only downfall is…you got to have a extreme boat to reach the good spots. We have put our airboat to the test this year and it has paid off. Keep clicking for more photos! You can visit the Garzilla Guide Service fan page by clicking here.