Step-by-Step Photo Instructions on How to Tie "Clown Shoe Caddis" Fly


Hook: TMC 2487 (#12, #14 and #16)
Thread: 6/0 Olive and 6/0 Black
Abdomen: Medium Lt. Olive D-Rib
Wing: Dun dyed elk hair
Hackle: Dun saddle hackle
Post: Flouresant Cerise McFlyfoam
Thorax: Black Superfine Dubbing
Using 6/0 Olive thread, tie in the olive D-Rib at the rear of the hook and wrap forward to the mid-way point. Tie off and trim.
Switch to 6/0 Black thread. Stack and tie in liberal clump of dun elk hair. Trim butt ends of hair.
Tie in post of Fl. Cerese McFlyfoam.
Tie in saddle hackle.
Create dubbing rope using black superfine dubbing. Create thorax on either side of post.
Wrap hackle forward, over the black dubbing thorax. Tie off hackle at eye of hook. Whip finish and trim.
Trim McFlyfoam post and all hackle from bottom of thorax.