Booby Frog Recipe:
Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Size 2
Thread: Danville's 3/0 Waxed Monocord (Dark Gray)
Body Bottom: Marabou (Cream) Wapsi (MB002)
Body Middle: Marabou (Golden Olive) Hareline Dubbin, Inc. (M8BQ159)
Body Sides: Mink (or Squirrel) Zonker Strips (Olive Brown) Wapsi (MKZ089)
Body Top: Grizzly Marabou (Olive) Hareline Dubbin, Inc. (GRIZM263)
Foam Eyes: Rainy's Olive Foam Boobie Round Eyes X-Large (BE-09144)
Legs: Montana Fly Centipede Legs (Speckled Yellow Medium) (0-5-125-807-2)
Hard Eyes 1: Loon Outdoors UV Fly Paint (Yellow)
Hard Eyes 2: Black Sharpie Marker
Hard Eyes 3: Loon Outdoors UV Fly Finish (Clear) (Or UV Knot Sense).
Step 1
Build a 3/16th inch thread base directly behind the eye of a Gamakatsu B10S Size 2 hook using Danville’s 3/0 Waxed Monocord (Dark Gray).
Step 2
Tie in the Marabou (Cream) so that the tips just touch the inside bend of the hook. Apply some Zap-A-Gap to the trimmed butt sections and wrap the tread around the marabou cluster and force it up at a 45 degree angle from the hook shank–the glue should help hold it in place.
Step 3
Tie in two clumps of Marabou (Golden Olive) on top of the cream marabou. These should extend out well past the cream marabou and 5/8th of an inch past the outside bend of the hook, making the overall length of the fly–without the legs–3 inches. Lick your fingers and slick back the marabou allowing you better control of the material.
Step 4
Tie in a Mink (or Squirrel) Zonker Strip (Olive Brown) to either side of the fly. Trim the leather part of the zonker strip to ½ inch. This should make the overall zonker about 2 inches long.
Step 5
Tie in two Grizzly Marabou (Olive) feathers on the top of the fly.
Step 6
Mount the Olive X-Large Foam Boobie Round Eyes onto the head of the fly using cross wraps of thread just as you would when mounting a lead dumbbell eye.
Step 7
Flip the fly over and tie in two sets of Medium Speckled Yellow Centipede Legs. Tie them in so that they extend out well past the hook eye and the rear of the fly. Tie off the thread between the foam eyes and the rubber legs using an extended-reach whip finish tool. Trim the front four legs to 1 inch. Trim the rear four legs to 2 inches. Apply a small amount of head cement to the thread built up between the two sets of rubber legs. Be careful not to get any cement on the actual rubber legs, as this will “rot off” the legs over time.
Step 8
Exaggerate the hole that runs through the foam Boobie eye so that the UV Fly Paint can ooze down in and have a better, more durable hold on the foam once cured. I prefer the butt end of my whip finish tool because it is already handy.
Step 9
Apply a small drop of UV Fly Paint (Yellow) into the opening of the foam eye.
Step 10
Cure the UV Fly Paint with the Loon Outdoors UV Power lamp.
Step 11
Create pupils using a Black Sharpie Marker.
Step 12
Apply a small amount of UV Fly Finish (Clear) (Or UV Knot Sense) over top of the now hardened eye. This ensures the black Sharpie pupil remains permanent.
Step 13
Cure one last time with the Loon Outdoors UV Power lamp. Finish with a final coat of Hard-as-Hull head cement to get a glossy look to the eyes.